Internal Sin: 008

(Kai's Point of View)

I froze as I pushed the cafeteria doors open, every pair of eyes reeling our way. Goosebumps rose on my skin as I swallowed.

I took a timid step forward, and everyone's eyes did as well. I groaned, bent my head, and went to the counter to grab something to eat.

"Come sit with us, Ralph!"

The bids came from both the left and the right. I frowned in distaste as I grabbed a tray of food, Ralph following my lead, and we made our way to the unoccupied table in the cafeteria's corner.

"It's just your first day, you're so highly regarded now," I added, observing how the number of eyes on us hadn't been distracted yet. The majority of them appeared envious.

"I'm extremely beautiful, I know," came Ralph's simple response.

When I glanced at him, he was staring at the fork as if it were the most abnormal thing in the world. He clearly had no idea what to do with it. I kept myself from laughing at the simplicity.

He wasn't from this world at all.

"Here," I said, waving my ha
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