Internal Sin: 050


"You have repeatedly let me down, Ralph. Why should I make an exception for you?"

The voice echoed and appeared from nowhere in the depths of the pitless void I was in. I immediately knelt on one of my knees on a pitless floor and bowed my head. “Fath…” I started but was interrupted by a strong gust of wind that nearly knocked me down.

"I do not address you as your father. I speak to you as your master.'' The caliginous, cavernous voice suddenly came so close to my ear that the words were now imprinted in my mind.

I firmly gripped my knee while maintaining my hunched posture. “Yes, master.”

“You disappoint me, Ralph. I had hoped you were distinct from that brother of yours, but you have let me down more times than he has.” The voice tsked, and once more I felt a hefty gust of wind hit my face, but I was able to maintain my stance. "For a demon, obtaining a human's heart is the simplest task."

It was a simple task, but Kai was not just another human. "I know Ma
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