In Search for Her

In Search for Her

By:  Althea W.  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I would dedicate my life to Flowers." Yes, Flowers. Flowers hasn't been a big part of my life until she came into my life. "Thinking of you," I said as I held the Blue Salvia flower The petals of our youthful fondness have finally blossomed! ...

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Lucky Philip Cabrera
I love the story!!! this could be a future hit in the movies!
2021-07-20 06:05:06
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Julia Nora
ready for more chapters! keep updating please~ if you have any social media to keep up with your readers, please let me know :) thank you
2021-07-17 12:05:40
14 Chapters
"Our youthful fondness, Red Catchfly" "I would dedicate my life through Flow
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"Love appeared in my eyes as I first saw you, Coreopsis Arkansa" Myrtle, 1893
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"You lied our affection together, Morning Glory"Myrtle, 1896
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"Think of me. Our time might come to an end, White Clover" One step closer...
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"Alas, my penurious heart aches for thee, Red Carnation"  Myrtle, 1902  "Cyclamen is the last flower you gave methe past was Evergreen.It was freshbut its flesh was just." "The place was sprinkled with yellow Lilywhile grace twinkle around.My heart mingled with yours,and yours tingled" "No goodbyes,you are up high.Red carnation was the quote unlove,the red heart was fully broke from love." ...I closed my book as I look forward to t
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"Farewell has finally blossomed, Cyclamen"   PRESENT TIME     Simple words with deep meaning...   Yes. It was filled with fondness and compassion. If only it can bloom a Yarrow flower so it would be endless. Surprisingly, one bloomed. I was happy with glee until one day, its leaves were rotten. I was devastated... The leaves were rotten until it reaches the top. Petals have fallen... A Hemlock then bloomed beside it saying, You will be my death.   ...   "Go" was the last word she said.  At last! my poor heart really aches for you...   Why a Cyclamen? why not a Red Chrysanthemum? Why a Red Carnation? and not a Rose?
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"Good fortune has been given, Goldenrod"   Red Catchfly Forest, Myrtle, 1902      "Run!  the sun is going down, the gun reaches for the crown. Two were shattered, cowardness scattered."   "A rose I held,  as it upheld my heart. Dear, we are being reduced everyone is fleeing."   "The fondness needs to be protected My dearest, we are affected. Near the Hemlock approach, they're not in their sincerest."   "Here came a Butterfly weed, Let me go! You pushed me aside, you want me to abide."   "The bullet was released pierced her to the core.
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"Courage bloomed as strength follows, Thyme"  Myrtle, Dill 1902 Mysterious forest was the name. It remained a secret. A very deep secret.It is upsetting for the crowd who is hoping... You'll have to require some strong courage to stay like this for so long. It has been 1 month now since I started staying in Dill.Everything was kept a secret. But one day, they will find out that my body is missing through the areas of the main Hawthorn.So, I have more hectic events waiting for me on my path.Good thing, the crowd still respects the deceased king of Hawthorn. We planned as early as possible for me and Aciano to secretly transfer to Gladioli.Gladioli is a state in Myrtle. It is exceedingly remote from where we are now which is Dill. We'll have to depart from Dill through a vastly
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"I will always think of you, Blue Salvia" Myrtle, Dill 1902 "What does it say that makes you feel so affected by it?" "Think of me,our time might come to an end.In a blink,you might be blind to see me." "I am on the brink of the cliff,can you catch me?I am shrinking,will you see me?" "In a wink,there's only one eye.In a heart,there's only one side" Why do I picture or even hear you saying this in my mind?"Once it repeats thrice, a Tulip will grow."The quote is the one untold. Replete with ponder. Not knowing it is the answer.Everything went by so fast... "Do you have your jug and bread?
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"Beware. They are anticipated to pass by your lane, Begonia"   "My beloved daisy, you flew like a dove Through a glass who is filled with love."   "It is my behoove for my flowers be forever. Adversities on the path, as I'm endeavoring."   "My love is everlasting. I may prove for thee to see, yet my sentiment says emotion. I am suffused with undying endearment."   "Dearest, I want for thee to see, yet it is not for me to evince."   ...   The smell of lovely greens swirling around the air. Perhaps, its name suits its place really well. Trefoil... I hope luck does emerge from these gloomy clouds &nbs
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