Inferior me

Inferior me

By:  Lazy Baby  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dream Brooks is a timid high schooler who hates her body and everything about her. The popular school bullies, NASTIES, uses her timid nature against her, bullying her at any opportunity they get. What happens when the school's popular boy falls in love with a nobody, the inferior one?

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I love this, more ink to your pen author.... More chapters please.
2022-06-29 21:47:44
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Awww , I really love the book. it's just too amazing! You did a good job, Writer! Keep Writing! waiting for more updates, * Wink *
2021-11-06 05:05:42
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I really love this book. Please post more chapters
2021-09-14 14:35:05
16 Chapters
Life at school
She slammed the door of her locker shut and arranged the books in her arms properly before lowering her head, as she always does.    "Yes that's her, she is so shameless," She heard one of the female students tell another.    "What did she do this time? Seems like I'm always lost when drama is happening in this school," The male student replied and she adjusted her glasses on the bridge of her nose,   they were always talking bad about her.    "Thats true, did you know that she still had the guts to flirt with Zara, of the NASTIES' crush!"    "Eish! That's so shameless!", exclaimed the male student.    She cringed and walked briskly from were they stood. She lived like a "known ghost" in the school, people talked about her but avoids her like some plague.    Just as she was about to take the flight of stairs that led to the library, the bell rang signifying the start of c
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Life at home
"Hey let me help you," She heard someone volunteered.    Dream raised her head, looking at the mirror. The image of the junior student who had brought in the cart of strawberry was reflected on it.    "Uhh—Who are you?," She asked. She was scared, many thoughts  were running through her mind.    "My name is Erica," The girl introduced herself and walked towards Dream.    As Erica drew nearer to Dream, she took a step back till her back hit the strong brick wall.    Erica couldn't help but chuckle on how scared she was, they must have really been tormenting the poor girl.    "Don't be scared senior, no one sent me I just want to help," explained Erica.    Dream sighed and gave her the small handkerchief and Erica started wiping her skirt.    "Senior Dre—,"    "It's Dream, just Dream," corrected Dream.
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The new kid
Dream smiled, she was in a garden giggling happily as the butterflies danced around her. She couldn't remember the last time she was this happy and smiling this broad.      She picked a flower and pushed it into her hair, she inhaled it's fragrance and smiled again.      "Dream! Dream baby!" She heard her mother called out.      The sharp pain she felt in her neck as she stirred, made her realise that her happiness was a dream. She sighed and raised her head, realising that she had slept of on the steering wheel, no wonder her neck hurts so bad.      "Dream! Are you sleeping!?" Her mother asked, knocking on the window.      Dream sucked in a deep breath before glancing at the time in her car. She wanted to know if she really needed to get down from the car, it was 5:30am.      "Time to prepare for school," She muttered and opened the car. 
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Her only friend
  "Why are you running?" she heard a girly but masculine voice asked and she turned to see who it was.     He was sitting on the bench, her favorite spot precisely, his head was up high glued to to the beautiful and colourful butterflies dancing around the flowers.     His fairly lengthy blonde hair was styled perfectly covering his forehead, his hands were deeper into the pockets of his trousers, the bench was not long enough to contain his tall but lean body.     "Who are you?" She questioned taken aback by his presence.     'No one, rather too many people don't know this place but how come did this stranger find here?' she thought, observing him.     "Hmm who am I? I really don't know," He said, nonchalantly not even darting his eyes away from the butterflies he was watching.     "How did you find this place?" She asked again, not minding
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Who are you really?
     "Err— Did you hear what happened to Romeo?"      "No what happened?" Dream asked, wondering what had happened. She is not usually aware of whatever was happening in school, now it's the person close to her.      "He approached the NASTIES and warned them about staying away from you," Erica stated, looking at her.      "What! Why would he do that!?" She exclaimed, he might think that he was trying to make her life easier but it he was actually making her life more complicated.      "From what I heard, after school yesterday he had met them at their favourite spot and he warned them to stay away from you else he was going to do something that you everyone would not like," she explained, cleaning the last speck of dirt on Dream's skirt.      "What everyone would not like? What does he mean by that?" Dream exclaimed, many thoughts were running through he
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I'm Rommy464
    She turned with tears in her eyes and asked, "who are you really?"    He didn't know what to tell her, he hesitated to answer and she felt he was going to lie to her again, she started walking away feeling bad.     "Dream please hear me out," He pleaded, lowering his head.    "What do I have to hear out when you don't have anything to say?" questioned Dream with a look of displeasure.    "I promise to tell you everything if only you can spare me a little time after school so we can attended classes,"    Dream sighed, contemplating if she should agree or not.    "Fine," She rasped and he gave her a warm smile.    She ignored him and started walking to class, with many thoughts on her mind.    She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't notice Mrs Meyers coming from the opposite direction with books in her arm and s
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He is back
"Hey Romeo," A bold husky voice interrupted him and Dream looked up, it was him.    "When did he get back?" Romeo muttered in fear.    "Romeo? I'm talking to you!" The guy with husky voice said.    "Oh hi!" Romeo greeted with fear visible in his voice, "when did you get back?"    "Yesterday I think," The guy replied, grinning.   "Oh okay," Romeo gave him a faux smile before turning to Dream, "let's get out of here,"    Dream smiled, grabbing her bag and jacket before standing up and following Romeo who was already at the door of the restaurant.    "Who was that?" Dream asked as she locked the door of the car.    "An—an old friend," He muttered, slotting in the key into it's hole.    Dream noticed how uneasy he felt, making her to be more curious.    He glanced at her and smile at her as he started the car,  &
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    "He is back," She heard a voice mumble behind her, she knew it's owner but she wanted to see the shy boy.      "Who?" She questioned.      "Ashton, Ashton Baxter," he muttered, his voice quivering as memories of Ashton bullying him played in his head.      Dream looked up at him and saw fear visible in his eyes which was covered by his glasses.      Was the damage that bad?. "Sean let's go get lemonade from the vending machine, you'll be okay." She smiled at him and he nodded.      She led him to where the vending machine was standing just very close to exit door of the hallway.      "I have few coins with me," She told him, putting her hands into her huge sweater and bringing out five coins.      She made to grab the pad but Sean halted her,      "I've really love this game since I was y
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Don't ever help me!!
   "Why is this place boring!?" Someone asked sitting on the last chair on the table and everyone turned to look at him in shock.      Oh no!... Dream panicked as she watched him sit down close to her. She was now in between Romeo and Ashton with Sean glaring at her from across the table.      Dream sighed and face palmed herself, what the hell is going on in her life?.     She sucked in a deep breath and opened another pack of juice, sipping slowly from it.      Romeo and Sean's eyes were also glued to their food, as they kept scooping little amounts of their mouth and chewing slowly.      "Okay!" Romeo hit his hand on the table, so loud that the aftermath made the students look at their table.      "Oops." Dream muttered, feeling eyes boring holes into her skin.      "Wow classic." One of the students close to their t
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Don't ever help me II
    "Here!" Ashton waved at Zeke to pass him the ball. Zeke did and Ashton hit the ball on the ground, bouncing it while running swiftly towards the opponent's basket.     "Yes!" Ashton ran to their side of the court and jumped, punching the air. That was his own way jubilating for victory.     His team members joined him in jubilating. It was just a friendly match-pratice thing but they took it seriously. They didn't want to loose to grade 11, they will become an object of mockery among younger students.     "Good job Baxter." The coach patted his shoulder before handing him a bottle of water.     Ashton opened the cap of the bottle and chugged down half of It's content.     He raised the bottle to drink from it but a sound which seemed like someone sobbing stopped him.     'Why was that person crying?' he thought, cleaning his body, re
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