Just One Last Embrace

Just One Last Embrace

By:  Speechless Tree Mouse  Ongoing
Language: English
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Even after two lifetimes, Rose still could not melt the ice-cold heart of Jay Ares. Heartbroken, she decides to live under the guise of an idiot, tricking him and running away with their two children. This infuriates Sir Ares to no end, and everyone around them is certain that this will prove to be Rose’s ultimate demise. However, upon the next day, the great Sir Ares is seen getting down on one knee in the middle of the street, coaxing the little brat, “Please be good and come home with me!” “I will, but only if you agree to my terms!”“Speak your mind!”“You are not allowed to bully me, lie to me, and especially not show your displeased face at me. You must always regard me as the most beautiful person, and you must smile whenever I cross your mind…”“Fine!”Onlookers are floored at sight of this! Is this the myth of how there is a counter to all things? Sir Ares seems to be at his wit’s end, this little fox of his own creation has outwitted him. Since he cannot discipline her, he will spoil her to the end of her own discredit instead!

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Shy Cortez
funny and nice story
2020-08-20 01:32:16
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Good book?
2020-08-22 20:36:54
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April Emie Compala Canam
Nice stories but most of them are incomplete and expensive
2020-08-19 12:30:50
15 Chapters
Chapter 55
After Jenson shrugged off Josephine, he jogged to the amusement park.The person who had invited him to the amusement park was Baby Robbie. The two brothers were very much in-sync and even wore the same clothes. These were the few they had in the same style—a black Adidas t-shirt, white pants and sneakers. The difference was that Baby Robbie wore a hip hop-style duckbill hat.“Jen—” Baby Robbie had spotted Jenson from afar and was just about to call out to him, but he then noticed a shifty woman following behind him.The woman held a large straw hat in her hands and hid her entire head with it. She wore a bright red dress and kept a distance of about five meters from Jenson, using everything around to cover and hide.Baby Robbie held up his smartwatch and sent a text to Jenson. “You’re being followed by a woman in red.”Jenson did not even have to turn his head to know this woman was his neurotic aunt.“It’s Josephine Ares,” Jenson replied Baby Robbie.Baby Robbie smiled slyly a
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Chapter 56
“What did Jenson do to you this time?”“He didn’t do anything to me!” Josephine truly did not know how to tell her older brother. She was afraid this terrible news would make his head spin.Jay’s thoughts remained in the past. “Then what did you do to him?”Josephine said, “I didn’t do anything to him either!”Jay’s handsome face clouded over. “Then what are you crying and howling for?”Josephine’s sobbing turned into wailing. “Brother, something happened to Jenson.”Jay said coolly, “Josephine, can you say everything in one go?”Josephine wiped her tears. Her emotions of grief carried a hint of excitement as she said passionately, “Big Brother, today Jenson sometimes treated me coldly without a care like a freezer in winter, then other times he would be as warm as the sun in June. When he was cold, he called me Josephine Ares and called me neurotic. When he was warm, he called me Aunt Josephine and even smiled at me. Big Brother, in just this short time, Jenson kept switching l
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Chapter 57
Baby Robbie gave a sneaky smile. “If you want to spank me, then you’ll have to see if you can catch me, won’t you?”After saying this, Baby Robbie dashed over. Josephine spread her arms wide, a disbelievingly menacing expression on her face. “I just don’t believe I can’t catch you.”Jenson usually did not like to exercise. Once winter came, he frequently caught respiratory diseases. This was why Josephine would so scorn his athletic ability and even gave him an unfriendly nickname: Sicky Chicky.She did not know that the person she met today was not Jenson but Baby Robbie, who had been participating in Taekwondo training since he was little. His physical abilities and speed all surpassed those of the same age group, and he was unusually agile.When Josephine extended her hand to block Baby Robbie, Baby Robbie kicked her arm away in a spin kick, then somersaulted through the air to land behind Josephine, where he slipped away like a fish.Seeing Baby Robbie so beautifully and nimbl
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Chapter 58
Yes, she, too, felt it was mysterious. These few years while she had been overseas, she often had video calls with her family, yet she had never heard Jenson was training in martial arts. Moreover, when she came back home for winter and summer breaks, she had never seen Jenson go for training either.Then what was that dexterous ability he had shown earlier?Josephine thought hard over this as she walked, but she could not think of a reason no matter how she wracked her brain.When Jay brought Jenson out of the amusement park, he saw a bunch of people surrounding a red supercar at the entrance. Jay’s face darkened instantly. “Josephine Ares!”Hearing Jay’s fierce shout, Josephine jogged over. When she saw her sports car was so carelessly left that it was covered with many fines, she cried without tears.“How should I reprimand you? Wait till you get on the headlines tomorrow.” Jay absolutely hated the high-profile, show-off appearance of his little sister as if she earnestly wishe
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Chapter 59
Jenson could not be bothered to acknowledge his aunt and squeezed into the kitchen to help his daddy.Josephine found it dull and uninteresting, leaving hastily.“Brother, I’m leaving. Remember to get a doctor to look at Jenson. Grand Asia’s Dr. Xander Zachary is not bad.” Josephine left after saying this.Jay’s expression cooled slightly. The doctor his sister recommended was a top expert in psychiatry. His heart very much rebelled getting Jenson in contact with psychiatry studies.He subconsciously felt Jenson was the same as he was, only quiet and antisocial when he was little. When he grew up and made a few friends who truly knew him, this type of personality would change for the better.However, these few days, Jenson often switched between talkative activeness and silent moodiness. This struck Jay’s alarm. He was afraid his own carelessness would lead to him letting slip the best period of treatment for Jenson.During dinner, Jay made the decision to have an open and honest
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Chapter 60
After Dr. Zachary left, Jenson ran into the study room. He pushed open the door to find Jay with his head in his hands, the appearance of one in severe pain. Jenson had the answer in his heart.“He said I’m sick too?” Jenson said angrily.Jay lifted his gaze to see his son’s face that was so shiningly handsome. A barely detectable hint of concealed worry appeared on his face.He thought that it was perhaps Jenson was too perfect that the heavens would have to give him some challenge.“Jenson, Dr. Zachary says your disorder is still in its early stages. As long as we actively cooperate, it will get better.” Jay did not want to tell Jenson about this cruel matter, but he needed Jenson to cooperate with the coming treatment, so he had to accept this reality.“Treating my life like it’s grass to trample on,” Jay said angrily through pursed lips.Kay looked at the angrily upset face of Jenson and hardened his heart. The matter at hand this time was very serious. He could not bend to J
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Chapter 61
Rose protested softly, “You’re the one nitpicking.”It was fortunate she knew his tastes. He liked his coffee on the bitter side, yet he abnormally asked for a coffee seventy percent sweet today. Rose sensed then that he wanted to cause trouble out of nothing.It was lucky that she had been mindful and cleverly exposed his plot. This stopped his unprovoked troubling of her just in time.Only, she had greatly underestimated Jay’s penchant for seeking vengeance for the smallest grievances.Jay turned on his computer and randomly brought up the webpage of a company under Grand Asia. Using his so-far peerless hacker skills, he added a few firewalls to the webpage, then looked at Rose and prepared to let her fall into his trap.“Rose Loyle, Grand Asia’s Qiling’s network has been infiltrated by hackers. Turn on the computer over there at once and return Qilin to normal as soon as possible.”Rose stared at Jay’s smiling-yet-unsmiling eyes and felt that there was something odd about this
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Chapter 62
On one hand, Jay was feeling secretly gleeful that he had disciplined Rose, but on the other hand, he received a phone call from Jenson’s teacher that made him feel unsettled.Over the phone, Jenson’s teacher said, “In these two days, Jenson’s behavior at school has been overly strange. The contrast between his emotions is enormous. Yesterday, he was still a bright and active little cutie, yet today, he’s become a silent little lamb.”Jay quietly hung up the phone. The contrast in Jenson’s emotions was so obvious that anyone who had previously interacted closely with him could clearly feel the incredible change. Could this be a reflection of the severity of Jenson’s schizophrenia?Jay’s feeling of childish delight immediately ceased to exist.In the night, all was quiet and still.The city’s neon lamps were bright and colorful, but they could not shine through to Jay’s dark and gloomy heart. He drove around in his Rolls-Royce on his lonesome through the multicolored road, feeling
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Chapter 63
Jay suddenly felt that his kindness was a double-edged sword. Although his kindness protected Jenson's image of his beloved motherly figure, Rose misused his kindness to confuse Jenson in order to get him to her.‘Shameless!’At half-past midnight, Rose finally deciphered the hacker's password and resumed the operation of Qilin’s website.After Rose shut down the computer, closed all the doors and windows, everything was sorted for her to leave. She picked up her bag on the computer desk and was about to leave.Suddenly, the office door was kicked open from the outside. Right in the middle of the door frame, the lights in the corridor backlit a tall and big figure.Immediately, the figure’s slender hand moved toward the light’s switches beside the door and the dark office became brightly lit again."Sir Ares? Why are you here?" Rose looked at Jay, his entire body piercing cold that would scare anyone by the sight of him. Even though he was always a cold person, he was especially
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Chapter 64
Rose sank weakly to the ground.She dragged her tired body unbearably with a sore heart and returned to Splendid Town.The two children were soundly asleep and Rose hugged her knees on the sofa. She buried his head in her knees and sobbed sadly.She was worried about Jenson!She also sympathized with Jay.It felt like she could not do anything for them, and that made her even more sad and desperate.Baby Robbie was awakened by the intermittent sobbing in the living room. He put on his slippers and smacked their way into the living room. His little hands hugged Mommy's head gently, "Mommy, what's wrong with you?"Rose looked up and Baby Robbie saw Mommy's red, teary, and swollen eyes. Immediately, he felt heartbroken. "Mommy, is your boss bullying you?"An angry look flashed in Baby Robbie’s eyes. He knew that letting Mommy work in Daddy's company would end up with Daddy bullying Mommy. He immediately thought that he and Jenson should not have tried to make Daddy and Mommy back to
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