Chapter 45 Love Trance

"The fuck! You are going, Cara."

Kazzy yelled at my back after I said to Daphne that I'd be home, just give me a half hour, and don't sleep yet.

"I'm sorry, Kazzy, but I have to go. She's sick."

I explained, walking inside to grab my things.

"Sorry for your damn self, Cara. And please.. She won't die. It's just a simple sickness. Oh Gosh!"

I just threw her a 'my decision is final.' look.

"I love her. I will always put her on top of my priorities."

Before I turned my back to her, I saw her sympathetic face as if saying that tonight was my funeral.

When I reached home, I went directly to my room.

Abruptly, I come closer to the woman who's lying in the bed.

"Hey... Are you alright? Did you drink your medicine already? Since when have you been vomiting? Did you consult the doctor already? What did they say?"

Non-stop, I murmured as I sat beside her after she lifted to tend me, leaning on the headboard.

She did not say any words and slowly caressed my cheek. Her eyes were red,
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