Chapter 44 Love In A Muddle

Many days had passed like a breeze without seeing Cara. As time went on, I couldn't bear to be without her presence, so I thought of going to her office, to pay her a surprise visit.

I was walking in the hallway and was about to open her office door when I was stopped. She was with another woman.

It's not Kazzy because I know her voice anyway. Perhaps her assistant or whoever.

I didn't think about it anymore and just went in.

"What's happening?" Suddenly, my heart beat faster when I saw someone sitting on her lap.

They stood up together, but the image of their previous position was left in my mind.

"What are you doing here, Daphne?" I can't speak suddenly. It was as if something blocked my throat.

My chest is tense up. I don't like how I feel.

"Nothing in particular.. I just brought you lunch. I barely see you at the mansion, so I thought of coming here. Alright, I'm leaving." I quickly turned around after placing what I was holding on her table because my tears were about to fa
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