Chapter 46 Confession

From the stairs, I already smelled the aroma of something that was definitely coming from the kitchen as I got to see the dining still empty.

I walk through it, following what my nose lingers with.

"Good morning." I heard her greet me without even paying gaze on me. How did she sense my presence as I stepped soundless?

"G-good morning," I respond, stuttering. I can see that she's in the mood, literally not sick at all.

What a trap, Daphne. You, indeed, know how to tame me. Lucky for you.. What bad luck for me.

I was taken aback when she suddenly turned around, facing me while holding a spoon.

"Taste it, Cara." Hesitantly, I still obeyed her, opening my mouth. I swallow and lick.

"Not bad."

Her brows wrinkled in awe.

"You don't like it?"

I just hissed, turning my back on her.

Everything about her... I don't just like it. I love it, except for her mixed signals. Her confusing motif, actions, and behavior.

Before I could go far away, she already stood in front of me.

"Tell me
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Ansh Marie Toperz
Sureness. Thank you for reading, dear.
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Update pls

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