Chapter 47 Your Own Worst Enemy


We just finished our two classes, and we are now heading to the cafeteria. While walking, my mind was too preoccupied.

It's been two days since Cara unleashed her true feelings towards me, loving me romantically, in exactly fine words.

It's just a simple fact, yet it seems like a storm that literally washed the hell out of me. Suddenly, my world had gone wild enough to sabotage my sanity continuously.

I'm so fucking confused about what to feel anymore. What exactly is inside my chest? Is this just a phase that, as days go by, it will all pass?

The day Zammy asked Cara if she likes me and I found out that I was only a responsibility and obligation to Cara, I felt bad.

Now that Cara said she loves me, I still can't get what my heart really yearns for.

This is fucking fucked up damn shit....

"What's with the long face, Daph?" Bridgette's brows knitted as we settled in our seats.

The noise surrounding us was like nothing, as chaos ran through my whole being.

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