La Cuevas #3: Beautiful Scars

La Cuevas #3: Beautiful Scars

By:  Nicole Pascual  Completed
Language: English
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After an unfortunate incident 18 years ago, Sadie Trinity is now back in La Cuevas, to forget and move on from the past. Unfortunately, her scar on the upper part of her chest always reminds her of her dark days back then. That's why she always tend to abominate her scar and hide it from everyone. She thought it's just fine to live her life despising her scar, but not until she met Luke Harisson- the lead guitarist of the famous band in La Cuevas, together with her brother. He taught her things she have never learned before, and that is to accept and embrace her beautiful scars.

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been cleared to land at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Please make sure one last time your seat belt is securely fastened. The flight attendants are currently passing around the cabin to make a final compliance check and pick up any remaining cups and glasses. Thank you."I swiftly put on my Ray-Ban aviator when I heard the public address announcement. I looked at the window beside me and saw the familiar view of Metro Manila. I gulped and inhaled heavily as I try not to tremble while examining the view. After five years .. it's still the same.“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ninoy Aquino International Airport Cebu Pacific air welcomes you to Manila. On behalf of your Flight Deck Crew headed by Captain Bildan, with first officer Berches and the rest of the team, we thank you for choosing Cebu Pacific, your Airline of choice. We are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice day. "I heard the flight attendant'
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Chapter 2
"Happy birthday!"I just looked at her lazily and didn't even bother myself to reply. She rolled her eyes at me and my eyes widened in shock when she cling her arms on mine, making us look so close together. Kairita."Tsk," I tried to pull my hands away but she locked it even harder in her arms so I just sighed and boredly shook my head. What a nuisance."Come on! The amount of visitors you have on the chin!""I don't want to go there." I said and stared directly at Molina's brown eyes. Unlike mine that's dark and expressionless, she has a pair of expressive brown eyes that looks softie and happy.She frowned, "What? No way! Today is your birthday, come out and don't just take blood and sleep!"Molina is a .. I don't know if she's my friend, I don't even know what's friend is for. Just when I came here four months ago he was also often here at the mansion. All I knew was that he was Lea's friend and they had two more with them that I had never met.One of them was allegedly followed b
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Chapter 3
"I'll treat you guys to a drink if Sadie will call me 'kuya'." (Kuya means brother in Filipino) Sage joked as they talked with his bandmates."How is ut possible for her to call you brother when she's not even calling your brother Loren that?" Andrei replied.There are plates of food on their table and there are also a few beers but the hard drinks have not been released yet because it looks like it will be tonight."You know you should black mail her, before she could take blood, tell her to call you 'kuya' first hahaha!" Vincent sighed sipping a glass of beer.I winced at what he said and watched them as they had fun. Ricci was also at their table who was quiet but laughed every time they joked. Luke was also there but just stared at his glass and seemed to have a world of his own.My attention was focused on his eyes. Something in his eyes is telling me that he's bothered by something. That he was carrying something heavy and that did not escape my observation.You know, I'm usuall
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Chapter 4
We are eating our breakfast today in our dinning table. Gavin, Lea, Celine and Cohen are still here. Loren is gone because he has a duty at the hospital in this early and daddy is not awake yet.They were talking about Sage’s lovelife that he wasn’t telling us when I voiced out what was running through my mind."How do you think the parasites got into the poop?""What the fuck ?!" Lea complained and almost choked on the juice she was drinking.I raised an eyebrow at Sage who is coughing now because he must have choked on the food he ate. Celine averted her eyes and tried to smile at Cohen. What the hell is their problem?"Save that later Sadie, we're eating." Gavin replied raising both my eyebrows. I grinned slightly and watched them lose their appetite."She should be glad it was your birthday yesterday." Sage whispered to Gavin that I just ignored him. Maybe I should ask Loren later through the phone.Now Lea and Gavin are back in Manila. Celine and Cohen will also go home to the Ro
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Chapter 5
"Wait, are you the one who called me earlier? The blood thing?" He asked confused.I heard Sage's footsteps approaching so I didn't answer first. "Oh, Luke, what's up—""Bro, tell your sister that she's creepiest person I've ever met." Luke said immediately and turned away from us. We let him walk away.Sage frowned as he wondered what Luke had done. When he turned to me his eyes were accusatory."What did you do to him?" He asked as if I could kill his friend.I raised an eyebrow and shrugged. "I was just asking for some blood," I defended which caused him to burst out laughing. The transition of this shithead ..I folded my arms and watched him narrow his eyes with laughter. He was still clapping so he looked even more stupid in my eyes."Jesus, Sadie, I'm sure you didn't even start the conversation the right way. Go tell him to have breakfast with us." He ordered and patted my shoulder so I stared at him and let him go.I looked at the large door where Luke came out and quickly blo
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Chapter 6
Luke returned wearing personal protective equipment. Sir Bartolome turned alert when the students outside made loud noises again."Hi Luke!""Omg, he's Sadie's patient?""Good luck!"When Luke closed the door, the noise eased a bit. Luke smiled shyly at the female professor and quickly nodded at him."Come in, come in," he gestured to Luke the chair next to me with a smile and I winced because of that.Luke sat down on the chair and placed his left hand on the arm rest because his right hand had a tattoo. The root can still be seen there, but since the venipuncture only had to be demonstrated in front of sir once, I was there without a tattoo and it was much easier."Okay, okay, start!"Luke looked at me as he waited for me to start. I averted my gaze and fumbled for the white towel to put under his hand. I grabbed his hand to lay the towel on the armrest and put his hand back there."Good morning, I'm Sadie from 4-A. Today I'll be drawing blood from you, what's your name?" I had no a
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Chapter 7
"Isn't that too much?,""Why? you can't afford it?" I was bored when he questioned the number of piercings I had taken. I no longer thought and looked at the price. I just picked up the earrings I liked."I can. But will you really wear all that—""And you care because? You want me to forgive you, don't you? Why are you complaining?"I explosively placed the piercings on the transparent glass counter top which I think where we will pay off. Because there were silver and high quality stainless steels earrings clinking so the two men looking at us were shocked.Luke blinked and his lips parted as he resisted my heavy gaze. He seemed surprised at what I said and did so I raised an eyebrow at him. Finally he sighed and nodded softly."Alright, sorry."I stared at him and folded my arms in front of the counter where there was still no one to take care of my pieces. I was surprised to see those two men and when our eyes met they almost pushed each other to insist on who would take our payme
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Chapter 8
Just as Luke said, he left before Monday and flew to Palawan. I don't know the reason why he was so anxious to leave, is he hiding something?It's been a week since that day and he still hasn't come home. I don't know, I just really remember him every time I wear piercings after school.Renovation of Sage’s studio on the second floor began on Monday and by next month it will definitely be finished. I don't ask him what the reason is but it looks like they will return to playing. It stopped then because Sage was in trouble in El Nido. I think it has something to do with his girl there, I heard he's going back and forth there e.Luke also can't be fixed here so they decided to postpone the playing for personal reasons — which is I don't know anymore.It's Friday and my class is early so I also left the mansion early. I only wore a white round neck shirt and high waist denim jeans because LCIU students don't have uniforms. Our lab coat is only worn when we enter the lab or when needed.I
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Chapter 9
My mind went blank when I stopped the mercedes at Lesyel’s Ink. I slammed the door shut and went inside.The wind chime rang because of the movement of the door so the two men who were also here last week looked at me.They looked at each other and someone with shorter hair quickly complied as I approached."W-what is it? Luke isn't here—""I don't need him. I'm going to get a piercing."The two looked at each other and seemed to be talking with their eyes, just as one of the two doors opened and a man with the same body as Luke came out.White, even in the distance is obvious being tall. Her complexion looks clean because she is white and has no tattoos, no piercings and I can’t deny her remarkable beauty.He walked towards the counter carrying some papers and when our eyes met I realized that Luke and I had a resemblance in the eyes."Yes?" Even his voice is as baritone as Luke. Are they siblings?"Boss, she's here to get a piercing.." Said someone close to me and walked towards the
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Chapter 10
"Damn it,""Shit wait,"The buzzer next to me rang, signaling that he had finished answering. I removed my gaze from the microscope lens opposite me and quickly wrote the name of the parasite in the parasite column of the answer sheet I was holding.I left there and pressed the buzzer before heading to the next microscope. We were almost dizzy at the excessive speed of the rotation. Others are too fast so our rotation is faster, no one can get caught because the next reason is more stuck in the queue for the stopping to be sympathetic.My left eye narrowed as I poked the microscope and tried to catch the microorganism that was there. I saw one of your bacteria and struggled to remember the name then. The buzzer next to me rang so I had no choice but to write.When I finished I pressed my buzzer and went straight to the next microscope. Just repeat, press, move, look, think, answer, and press again to move.I'm sure the names I answered are correct, the only problem is whether they are
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