Chapter 7 Wherever You Go, I’ll Be There

Iris’s action was very insulting. However, Jorge was currently so engrossed in that piece of wild ginseng that he never paid this commotion any attention. It was like he had silently approved of Iris’s deed.

Winifred was dumbstruck, rooted to the spot, and feeling agitated. Those were gifts that she and Tyr had meticulously picked out for Jorge. But they ended up being handled like trash.

“Let’s eat.” Once everyone had arrived, Jorge announced that it was time to eat.

The family got seated. Winifred and Tyr were initially sitting at the same table as Jorge. She was a direct family member of the Zea family, so it was only natural for her to sit there.

However, a little while after they were seated, Iris covered her nose in exaggeration as she nagged, “Why is there a sour smell on this table? It’s like the smell from a garbage bin.”

In an instant, everyone looked at Tyr. This indirect insult was clearly saying that Tyr was a beggar, and no one was willing to dine at the same table with a beggar.

“Winifred, take Tyr with you and go eat over there,” said Jorge as he pointed to a small table. That was a table set for the servants to dine at.

Winifred felt aggrieved but said nothing and led Tyr over to the small table. After all, she was already used to being disliked for the past few years. However, she was now more concerned about how Tyr felt. “Tyr, if you feel that this is too much, you can leave.”

Tyr shrugged nonchalantly and said, “Wherever you go, I’ll be there.”

Just then, Jorge proactively toasted with Travis. It was a great respect shown to his future grandson-in-law. In comparison, Tyr was completely ignored at the small table. Even the servants of the Zea family had a look of contempt on their faces.

After a few rounds of wine, Jorge asked his eldest son, Jackson, “Jackson, I heard that the man who’d spent ten billion to acquire the city center is now in Khanh City, is that true?”

Jackson quickly nodded. “Yes, Father. I got this news too.”

“I heard that it happened just yesterday. I even heard that this new owner is a young man. He must be an insanely rich young master from a huge local consortium.”

A young and insanely rich man! At the mention of these keywords, the girls present started to bubble with excitement. Even Iris’s gaze was sparkling. Now they really wanted to take a look at that insanely rich young master who had easily spent billions on buying over the city center.

Jorge asked, “Will the city center be open for foreign investment soon?”

Jackson nodded and said, “Yes. If we can obtain the admission qualifications, we can use that platform to find even more quality partners. If this is a success, within five years, our Zea Group will be able to meet international standards.”

Upon hearing this, the whole Zea family was in high spirits. Only Tyr was sighing in a corner. It was only a small city center and a spot within that area was enough to make these people so excited. They really were just ants.

“But Father, the whole of Khanh City and many apparel companies from the south all have their eyes on this city center. It wouldn’t be easy for the Zea Group to get a spot.”

True enough, within Khanh City, the Zea Group was only a second-rate apparel company. There were already many apparel companies within Khanh City that were on par with them. If they included the whole province and the south, there were just too many competitors. If the Zea family wanted to stand out, it was impossibly hard.

“No matter what, our Zea Group is a local company, so we have a little advantage. In a few more days, the city center will be hosting an investment event to announce the qualifications. That new owner might even show up personally. Do any of you here have an idea on how to get in touch with that owner so we can meet him face-to-face?”

Everyone in the Zea family lowered their heads. They were a bunch of ants who paled in comparison with that insanely rich man. Who would have the capability to get in touch with him?

Out of reflex, everyone glanced over at Travis. Jorge had hosted this banquet with other things in mind. His main goal was to get Travis to help him with this issue. Travis was the young master of the Jensen family’s Century Herb Pharmaceuticals, and their status and prestige in Khanh City far exceeded the Zea Group’s. They were almost at first-rate now.

However, Travis was sitting quietly amidst the tense situation. He had never spoken a word. It was like he had no intention of helping out.

Jorge was getting anxious, but he was a proud man. He did not want to ask Travis personally. And so, he devised a plan. He turned to Iris, who was sitting beside Travis and said, “Iris, you’ve been doing very well at the operation department for the past few years. I heard that you’ve always wanted to take on the role of the manager in that department, is that true?”

Iris nodded immediately. “Yes, Grandpa. I think that my capabilities would very much qualify for that position.”

“But your experience is still a bit lacking. If you take that position now, there might be people who would oppose it. However, if you manage to secure a spot inside the city center this time, that would be a different story.”

Iris could, of course, understand the meaning behind Jorge’s words. The man was trying to instigate her to get Travis to help.

After saying that, Jorge felt that he had sounded too obvious, so he quickly added, “I’m not just saying this to Iris. This goes to every one of you here. To whoever can secure a spot, I will allow them to be promoted to a position of their liking as long as it’s within their capabilities.”

After he had said this, everyone’s eyes lit up. This was an excellent opportunity to get a promotion and a raise. But in a blink of an eye, the fire in their hearts died away. They knew that they did not have the connections to obtain that spot in the city center. This was clearly something the old man had said to save face and cover up for Iris.

At the same time, Tyr had noticed the hint of longing on Winifred’s expression. However, that look was short-lived as well. It was quickly replaced with a look of sorrow. From his observation, Tyr easily understood what Winifred was thinking on the inside. “Winifred, what’s your position in the company?”

Winifred answered, “I’m the team leader in the design department.”

“What’s above the team lead?”

“The head of the department, of course.”

Tyr smiled brightly. “So Winifred, do you want to become the head of the department?”

“Become the head of the department…” Winifred shuddered. Of course, she wanted to. But was it possible? Winifred had been working resiliently for the past few years and had outstanding capabilities. She was already qualified for the head of the department’s position, but Jorge would never give her this opportunity because she was the shame of the Zea family.

“Tyr, lower your voice and don’t say nonsense,” Winifred said to Tyr with a nervous expression. She was afraid of being overheard. Because once they were heard, there would be another round of mockery.

However, Tyr had no intention of stopping. He continued to say, “Winifred, you’ve heard Grandpa loud and clear just now. There is just one level of difference between the team lead and the head of the department. Wouldn’t it be considered to be a reasonable promotion?”
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why on earth Winifred still insist to be a part of this family if that s the way they treat them.. if I were Tyrs i will show all my migth face to face and have Winifred. have her own business similar to. them to show that what He said is Ttrue.

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