I didn’t know what to say to Xander after his… confession?

It didn’t help that he looked so sure when he spoke. There was no ounce of doubt in his voice. He knew what he was saying. And he was sincere.

I didn’t need to Alaina to tell me that much. And it seems, she knew that part too.

Everything was confusing. And how he acts makes it all the more crazy for me.

The version of him in my head and the version of him I’ve been with for the past few months are entirely different people.

He has also made it clear that he just changed. This isn’t how he was before. He changed for me.

Anyone would be happy to hear they have such a powerful man wrapped around their fingers. On the other hand, it just made my life more complicated.

I knew he was bad. If he had shown me that side. I wouldn’t be in this situation now. But he was different. He caused differently with me especially.

And, he was painfully honest. I never knew I would be so annoyed at the thought of so some being uprig
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Maricarr Beard-Francis
I really enjoy this book but the grammatical errors are frustrating

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