“Are you talking to someone?” I asked Adriana, staring at her.

She looked like her attention was elsewhere even though her eyes were still on me. And I could have sworn I saw her jump earlier. Like how you would if someone spoke to you when you weren’t expecting it.

“Me? What? Huh?” That confirmed all I wanted to know and I gave her a pointed look. “Don’t try to change the topic.”

Her cheeks darkened as she tried to look away. She isn’t a very good liar.

Instead of pushing her to talk. I decided to let it go. Knowing I’ll find out what’s happening if I put my mind to it.

It had more to do with the fact that I didn’t want to upset her. If I’m being honest. And I know the best way to get on her bad side is by pushing her.

Maybe it was because of what happened before. I’ve come to realize she hates when ever being put in a position where she seems less than anyone else.

She is above everyone else to me. Though I understand where she is coming form. It’s why easily let her di
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