5: New Life


Henry was the only person mum allowed me to come with. I know for a fact Kian wanted to come, but it is not the right time. I agreed with her on that.

I needed to focus. Because though this is for me, I am not the only one involved which makes it bigger than me. Bigger than just revenge.

“I’m right next door,” Henry says, handing me the key to my room.

“Okay, thank you.” I replied, offering a grateful smile.

He was nice enough to help me bring my things in.

We are at a cheap motel on the outskirts of a small town. I asked if that was where Xander’s pack was but he said no. This is the closest place which wouldn’t draw attention and is close to the airport. Our flight is early tomorrow morning.

We’ll go to a town close to Xander’s pack from then.

I don’t remember where it is, I’m not even sure I ever knew it.

He kept me like a prisoner, I was never allowed to step out so I couldn’t even tell.

“I’ll leave you to it. You can order room service if you want anything.” He then nods and walks out of the room.

I sighed, plopping on the single bed in the room. We haven’t even been here for more than a few minutes and I’m already itching to get it over with. I want to head back to the life I am used to.

Searching for the phone mum gave me when we were leaving. I sent her a quick text, letting her know we’ve arrived at the hotel. She replies almost immediately, wishing us the best of luck.

She reminded me to focus on everything I know and I’m sure of, adding that if I felt nervous. I should tell Henry I want to go back home.

Sitting alone, I even thought of calling it quits.

Who was I kidding when I thought I could do this now?

I needed more time, more power. I’m rushing into this. I should have let my mum go through with this the way she wanted.

Or you could stand up for yourself and fight this, like you have been training for six months.

Another voice adds, fighting the first. I let out a muffled scream.

The voices keep arguing but I ignore them and slip into the bed. The drive here tired me out. I have never been cramped in a car for so long, and I couldn’t really eat anything because of how anxious I was to get to this.

Seeing him again.

Xander. Thinking about him still felt odd.

I have tried searching my memories for any with him but I kept coming up empty. I only know that he used me and he was bad to me. I could dictate all the things he had done to me, but to picture them in my mind, that was so much harder.

The doctor/sorceress said it was also an effect of the poison. My wolf had come back and she is getting more active, especially with all my physical training. But we still aren’t as connected as we should be.

That should make me want to get revenge even more now.

I lie down on my back, looking up at the white ceiling as I mentally go over all the things we discussed. I didn’t want to make any mistakes. And I mostly don’t want to lose sight of our end game.

Xander is manipulative. I need to be extra careful around him. He wouldn’t easily let me go and he would make everything harder. That is what mum said.

I slipped into a deep slumber from there and I didn’t wake up till the next morning.

I had a good luck message from mum which I replied to before I got dressed and went to Henry’s room. He opened the door immediately when I knocked. He was already dressed too.

“I was just about to check if you were ready,” I nodded that I am, holding my duffel a little higher on my shoulder.

He looks down at his wrist and curses under his breath. “We need to get going if we don’t want to miss our flight.” He rushes back inside then comes out with his own backpack. He tosses it over his shoulder and nods towards me. “Let’s go. The cab is already waiting downstairs.”

He takes the suitcase from me, ignoring my argument. I give up and follow him down to the waiting car. We spent the ride in silence and it was awkward as hell.

Believe me when I say, Henry is a cool guy. He is great when it comes to combat, but his social skills are as good as sharks. Which means, he has none.

Now more than ever, I regret Kian not coming with us.

That only made me want to get this over and done with so I can go back home.

We arrived at the airport at the perfect time. Mum didn’t want us to leave any unwanted trail so I’m using a different name. Drea. It is what the people I care about call me, and I find it fitting. If I’m going to come back as a new person. The best thing would be for everything about me to be different too.

Adriana is dead as of today. I think as we walk past the airport security with our tickets in hand. She was weak, she let everyone walk around her.

But Drea, she is strong and she has vowed to make them all pay for what they did to her before.

“Are you okay?” Henry placed his hand on mine, which made me jump because I wasn’t expecting it.

I looked around the plane, my brow creasing in confusion. I couldn’t even remember when we boarded, talk less of finding our seats and buckling in. I must have been lost in thought.

“Yes, I’m fine.” My throat bops as I swallow. I tuck my hair that has been dyed brunette behind my ear, smiling at Henry in a way I hope will make him think I’m fine.

“You went quiet. I’m just worried knowing your mum trusted you with me.” I turn my hand up and intertwine our fingers.

This is probably the most I have touched him when we are not training and it didn’t feel as weird as I thought. He was like a big brother to me. A big, big brother if you may.

“I trust you too. We’ll be fine.”

The flight attendant starting the demonstration and explanation before takeoff, grips my attention. I pay attention to every word that leaves her mouth, quite fascinated by the way she is speaking.

I don’t think I’ve ever been on a plane. I couldn’t remember details of my life but I could tell of experiences. I’m sure this is the first time I'm on a plane.

Excitement starts to build from under my skin. By the time the plane steadies in the air, I’m buzzing with it. Henry noticed too because he seemed happy for me.

The pilot made an announcement too. Letting us know how long the flight will be, three hours, and what time we’ll be landing.

I shut my eyes, breathing in.

This is it. The start of my new life.

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Scott Norman
Read the first one in the space of a day, it was a good read. I liked the characters and everything about it. Just finish the first chapter of this one, I know a lot of readers like the thought of multiple loves, romance, and reading the titles of the following chapters don't think I can read on
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C Dags r
Now I see it...they are calling her Dreya, so when the king sees her, and thinks it is her mother in her body, he will call out for Dreya instead of Adriana. He will expect the mother, and that she is dead....and will act in the manner she has been brainwashed into thinking he treated her. So messed

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