6: Attacked


The first phase of our plan is to make sure Xander knows we're here. Our plan for that was already well underway. The moment the plane landed, I was ready to be seen.

I exchanged my simple top and jeans for a summer dress. And my brunette hair was let down. cascading over my back, covering what was left open by the dress.

There was a town car waiting for us as we arrived. A woman was standing outside the back car, dressed in an impeccable suit with a stoic expression. A uniformed man is beside her and he holds a sign with our names on it.

"She is for us." Henry says, holding me by my elbow and steering me towards her.

Our bags were already in the car from the looks of it because as soon as we approached, the man opened the door of the car.

"Welcome," the woman's voice is soft but firm.

She speaks with an elegance I am not used to. Not in my memory and definitely not in my past life. I am not very good with people, I'm guessing it has to do with the way I grew up.

"I hope you had a good flight?" she asked, nodding toward the open door.

I entered first when Henry gave me a nod of approval. He makes sure I'm inside safely before he walks and gets in the front. The woman walks around the car and enters the other side.

Her dark hair is in a bun, and the red lipstick makes her look even more bold in her power suit. She notices me staring and offers a smile that looks genuine.

"You look just like your mother. How is Dreya?" her red painted lips stretch into a smile as she speaks.

"She is good," I slap myself in the head mentally and try to clear my throat because my voice came out choked. "She sent her regards."

The woman threw her head back and laughed which made me feel a little weird.

"Oh, I'm sorry, love." she reaches over and pats my hand that is sitting idly on the seat. "I know your mother and there is no way she would ever send her regards." my cheeks heat in embarrassment because she definitely did not. But it just seemed like the right thing to do. "You're such a sweetheart. You don't get your manners from her, obviously."

I didn't know what to do with that bit of information. This woman who says she knows mother nailed one of her behaviors. What I didn't understand was her saying that.

My thoughts get distracted by a loud honk that makes me jump in my head. The driver is quick to apologize.

"I didn't notice them ma'am." he says, his voice a little shaky.

"Be more careful next time," Henry's growl has me growing nervous.

It was unlike him to lose his temper. For a werewolf, I always commended how he was always calm and collected. it was like he didn't have the animal instinct which was just weird.

"Yes, sir." the driver rushes out.

You could hear the fear in his voice. I felt bad for him.

I couldn't tell if he was a werewolf or a human. Again, something that is my asshole father's fault and his accomplice, my mate.

They wanted to kill me and they were very close to that. Because of that, I have lost a lot of my wolf' abilities.

At least, I can shift now. My anger would have been more if mum didn't find some way to help me. With all the training and other potions she keeps getting from her witch friends, I am stronger now.

But not fully strong and not back to normal either. I'm better than I was a few months ago, even weeks ago. It is a gradual process and I understand.

I'm going to make sure their downfall follows that same slow route.

The car ride continues in awkward silence, the woman doesn't try to make conversation. I don't offer it, of course. I was glad she didn't try to speak. After my first failed attempt, I wasn't ready to try again.

The car stops and the driver walks out. The woman  opens her door and so does Henry, which has me reaching for mine, but before I could open it. The man does. He steps out of the way immediately after.

"I hope I didn't cause any problems for you, miss?" his eyes crinkled at the sides, a remorseful expression on his face.

I smiled my brightest smile and shook my head. "I'm all good. thank you."

He breathes out in relief, his shoulders literally sagging.

"Let's get going." the woman places her hand on my shoulder.

I felt a zing and she did too because she removed her hand immediately and stepped back a little.

She inhales and exhales twice. She turns to me, her eyes looking a tad darker. Her lips are stretched into a practiced smile.

A shiver runs down my spine at the sight of it. It wasn't anything big but it sure made me nervous as hell.

"Welcome to my home," she speaks, looking away from me and towards the building in front of us.

I strain my neck as I look up, taking in the tallest building I have ever seen in my life. From here, it looks like it is touching the cloud. It probably is.

A sound of awe escapes my lips and she chuckles, holding my hand this time. I don't feel the weird energy zing, thankfully.

It seemed to have set her off and that is the last thing I want.

"You'll love it here," she gives my hand a squeeze and starts leading us into the building.

I follow her inside, trying to keep my eyes in front of me. Although every part of me wants nothing more than to turn and take the whole thing in.

Breathing out, I steeled my spine as she stood outside a metal looking door. She taps a button beside it and we both wait for something. The doors open to a small box room and I sigh, recognising it.

An elevator.

Kian has mentioned it once or twice. I didn't know if I had ever entered one before everything went down. But in the last six months, I know that I have never even seen one.

We enter and after the doors close, she presses one of the numerous buttons on the wall. It has from one to twenty five, then one button that has a 'p' written on it. I didn't even want to ask what it meant.

After about two minutes, there is a ding and the elevator stops, showing we have gotten to our floor. The door opens again and she walks out, I follow behind her like a loyal soldier.

"This is the floor I live on," she says to me, glancing at me. "Well, it'll be ours for the next few weeks."

I nodded, licking my lips. We take a right turn and start walking in the hallway that has doors on both sides after every few steps. She stops outside one that has the number '1128' in gold attached to the door.

"And this is my apartment," she puts in the key and unlocks the door.

She doesn't open the door for the first few seconds.

"Wait here," she holds a hand up to me.

I nod, stepping back a little although she didn't tell me too. Her ears are perked up and she looks alert, on edge. Being around wolves who were constantly worried about someone breaking in. I know the signs of someone who thinks there is a threat closeby.

She does a few things I can't explain but she must have been satisfied with the results. She turned to me and nodded.

The door is pulled open before she does and I hear her yell out my name. My eyes winded and I immediately fell to my knees, lowering my head and crouching.

The next thing I hear is the loud bang of a gunshot and a warm liquid splashes across my face.


I knew, even before the metallic smell attacks my nose.

Oh no, they have found us. My mind goes blank.

This was a lot faster than we thought.

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Ok so what I got from the 6 chapters I read. She is out for revenge. She is ready. Her mom’s name is either Dreya or Freya. Did I get those repeats right?

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