Love . lust or Something like that

Love . lust or Something like that

By:  Ghptie  Completed
Language: English
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Tenison Kwame Boateng . the CEO of Tullow Ghana limited decided to stay off love after his girlfriend of 5 years betrayed his love by cheating on him. What he didn't know was that she was a bisexual. Along the line he meets , Imelda Akosua Ampomaah. a pre-school teacher at the same school his daughter attends, it turns out that she's his daughter's teacher. Akosua is a fun, kind ,caring and lovable person. But would Kwame go back on his words just cause he meets Akosua ? To know her true intentions, he decided to put her to test. Will Akosua win or fail the test? I'm as curious as you are so let's find out.

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Beatrice Agyare
Great book sis. how do I buy with my momo account.
2022-11-05 06:46:51
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Angeline Howe
Beautiful story line
2021-07-24 14:16:02
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Isla Cortez
I love the book! Amazing plot, very catchy. I recommend.
2021-03-02 17:59:10
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Anita An
Good, saya suka ini. Rekomendasi. Memiliki ide yang segar dan saya membacanya sedikit demi sedikit. Kamu bisa melihat ke profil saya, membaca beberapa cerita dariku. Terima kasih
2020-11-28 03:09:02
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Lucia Love
I love the use of the local language and setting. Great story line. I have added it to my library to continue reading..
2020-11-18 14:59:22
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Abigail Rose
The characters are so engaging! Looking forward to getting through more chapters and see how they develop.
2020-11-16 17:05:00
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I'm overwhelmed by your immense support on my book. But would love it if you gave your opinions on it. Keep reading, more updates on the way ??
2020-10-28 18:53:47
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Good overall lesson but the story was all over the place, the timeline, the conversations and the way in which Makuaa the daughter aged from 2-12 years, wow! Very confusing.
2021-09-11 14:09:42
52 Chapters
"Tenison I can explain," Annabelle added as she wrapped a cloth over her body. He had come to visit his girlfriend to see how she was fairing because she told him she wasn't well. But what he met was an eyesore. She was in bed with another woman. Yes, a woman! How could she? After all, they had been through and all he'd done for her, this was how she repaid him. He thought as he left the room. "Annabelle, there's nothing to explain. How could you! , you know what we're done. Don't bother calling me ever." He added walking out."Kwame, mesr3 wo (I beg you)." She said trying to open the door but he had locked it from inside as he drove off."Ah! Mmaa tiri mu y3 den (women are wicked)". Tenison huffed as he drove to his office. Had I known is always at last. He thought getting out of his car. " B33ma (guy), why the long face?" His best friend Kwabena asked as he entered the office."Anna o Anna, she's a bisexual...I'm even disgusted thinking about it." He stated."You're joking ah, ho
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I cannot let this stupid preschool teacher get Tenison oo. He doesn't deserve such a classless woman. He's way above her league. Serwaa thought pacing up and down her room. Serwaa was just a jobless Slay queen. Jumping from one man's bed to another to cater for herself. She and Imelda were classmates from high school. They both weren't able to go to university due to financial constraints. Imelda worked by doing menial jobs to sustain herself and also save up to go to teacher training college in order to fulfil her dream of becoming a teacher. She attended Mampong training College of Education, which was located in Mampong, the Eastern region of Ghana. After her three year study, She was fortunate to do her National Service at Lincoln Community School #126/21 Reindolf Road Abelemkpe Accra-Ghana. After her one year Service, she was retained seeing how lovable and good she was to the students. For Serwaa, she wanted the easy way to earn her money and that was by sleeping with rich
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"She's still been avoiding me oo Serwaa," Tenison said through the phone."Kwame, s3 me Kae s3(Kwame I said it ). She's just an opportunist, she just wants your money and fame. The current job she's doing kraa, her sugar daddy got it for her, unlike some of us who have suffered in life." She added smiling."Wow!" He said. He was dumbfounded at the information he had gotten from her friend." Yes, Kwame I told you like you but you aren't giving me a chance," Serwaa said thinking she had twisted Kwame's mind against his friendKwaasia baa (foolish woman), you think you're wise er?, I'd show you. Kwame thought to himself while Serwaa was yabbying on.I miss Kwame oo. Its been a while I hang out with him. Today being a Saturday, let me pay him a surprise visit. Imelda thought to herself as she showered and then dressed in black jeans and a maroon spaghetti top pairing
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"Ah!, Kwame what is the preschool teacher doing here?" Serwaa asked she joined them at the restaurant."She's my guest, and she has a name." He added."Let's not talk about that, why did you keep me waiting for half an hour? Some of us have work to do o." He angrily said."Mr Man, I won't have you insult me because of your chicken change, I have men who are willing to spend on me and not stingy men like you wai." She barked."Abeg, give me my money and let me get out of here." She barked as Kwame gave her a whopping sum of Gh¢100,000,00.00 making Akosua open her mouth wide as he signed the check."If you need me, give me a call ya." She took her purse and left shaking her ass in the process."Now where were we?" He asked as they continued with their conversation.*****************************************************************I have to make a plan for these girls. Serwaa, Akosua, Amma, Nella and the rest of them. I n
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Abena asked her friend as she entered the class to speak with her during recess. Akosua, how are things going with Tenison? "Hmm, things have only gotten worse, oh, he can't afford Maakua's fees anymore, so she went to live with her grandmother for a while while he figured himself out. Just one meal a day, Kwame can't afford it, o.” She complained to her friend in a trembling voice. She was affected by the whole thing--it hurt her to see the man she was head over heels in love with suffering this way. What hurt the most was that he would not allow her help. But she forced her way to him at times. "I hope things turn around for his good," she added as they talked for a while, then she left the class. "Kwame, how far is the plan going?" his friend Kwabena asked him as they watched a football game. "Everything went well, Serwaa had left, so it left with Akosua, Amma and Nella," he explained. "Great, let's see who wins," he explained as they resumed play. "Let me call Kwame for some
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"Eiii...if it's not the preschool teacher and the good Samaritan." Serwaa teased as she met Akosua at the wedding of one of their SHS classmates. "Serwaa, how may I help you ?" She asked ignoring her previous comment. "You can't help me o, your poor wretched self can't do me any help at all." She insulted. "Serwaa, I've had enough of your insults. No one insults you for sleeping with married men for money o, so allow me to live my life annoyance of a dying cockroach, mtchwwww." Akosua added as she left Serwaa standing aimlessly. Akosua decided to forget about her problems and free her mind. She enjoyed herself at the lady's wedding before going home. Kwame had sold his house and had given her some part of it to keep to take care of the costs involved in solving the case. He had moved to stay with his mom. Sometimes he goes to stay with Kwabena and other times he comes to visit Akosua in her home."Mr, Tension Boateng, was found not guilty of the crime he was admitted of. But still, th
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"Kwame, you aren't getting any younger o. You need a wife. Maakua needs a mother. Enough of this game already and choose a wife. Besides all the women you were testing have all left excluding Akosua. She's been there since day one." Kwabena advised as they drank beer."You're right Kwabena, but she's way below my status. Imagine what people will say about me marrying a common preschool teacher." Kwame retorted."Does it matter, Kwame does it matter? My fiancée Verna owns a saloon, she's a hairdresser and I'm happy with that. Both my parent's consent of her and I'm cool. She makes money, so do I. We are cool like that." He said."Don't let society make you lose a virtuous woman. Who could have done what she did for you?" He asked. "Just name one woman who can do this except your mom." He added waiting for his friend's answer."There you have it. Don't wait until it's too late. A word to a Wise is in the north(a word to a Wise is enough)" Kwabena concluded."You're right man, it's time t
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"Love is treating you good o," Abena said to her friend as they lay on the bed receiving massages from the Masseuse. They had gone to TouchSense Spa in East Legon Jungle Road_ A&C Mall Inside Total Fitness Health Club, Accra Ghana. They were stressed from the week's work and decided to come and release stress."Oh, Abena ah3 aa? (how so)" Akosua asked as the Masseuse finished her work. They wore their clothes and then proceeded for a manicure and pedicure."Just look at how you're glowing." She added. "It's by His grace and Kwame," Akosua added blushing."In all, We thank God for everything," Abena added smiling at her friend.Kwame had travelled for a business trip and Maakua was with her grandmother. Akosua had visited them during the week and decided she had the day for herself.Her phone rang as the entered KFC the East Legon branch. "Abena, go ahead and order while I take this call," Akosua added as she stepped out to answer the call. Abena picked a table that was slightly isol
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Is that not Serwaa or whatever she calls herself? Abena wondered to herself as She spotted Serwaa in most of the crowd dancing with a young man.Well, her business doesn't concern me. Let me focus on myself. She thought."Hey love, sorry I was gone for a while. I needed to talk to a friend." Kamdyn apologized."It's fine Kofi, no worries," Abena added as he took her hands into his."Ruby, we've been hanging out and getting to know each other for a few months now. Don't you think we move to the next level?" He inquired."Next level, as in?" She feigned ignorance. "Come on Abena, you know what I'm talking about. I want to date you. I want you to be my woman." He said."Kofi, within these few months that I've gotten to know you, you're a sweet, loving and caring man and to top it all you're hot. I admit I've grown fond of you and want this too. But what is bothering me is that, What if you change? What if you're no longer that sweet and caring man anymore?" She voiced her fears."Abena,
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 It had been almost a year that Kwame and Akosua started to date. His feelings for her had reached its peak and he was certain he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this wonderful woman.She had played the role of a mother in the life of his three years old who had grown fond of her. Within the help of Kwabena and his mom, they were able to set up a candlelit dinner in one of his houses located at Trasaco.It was much bigger and had a very beautiful garden which was a perfect spot for dinner.
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