Love's A Billionaire

Love's A Billionaire

By:  Natashah  Ongoing
Language: English
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It all started from a drunken one night stand.November is in her last year in the university and it's her birthday the last birthday she has to spend as a university student. She decides to go out to party with her friends, at the party, drunk and far spent, she meets Kalmon- her hot soon-to-be boss, and they have a one night stand.She starts working for Kalmon and soon, they become lovers but luck isn't on their side as November's ex lover comes to town to try and shatter her happiness.Read to find out what happens next.

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59 Chapters
1. Birthdays and a club.
The real lover is the one who can thrill you by kissingyour forehead or smilinginto your eyes or just staringInto space 
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2. Blurry faces, bad hangovers
There's never a time or placefor true love. It happens accidentally, in a throbbing moment. Sarah Dessen 
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3. Getting jobs and a hot boss
         Romantic love is over-rated butthat's what we want in life, some     one who will love us in a romantic    way.                  
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4. Hot boss and a hot temper
       You know you're in love when   you can't fall asleep because, reality     is finally better than your dreams                                                             Dr. Seuss
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5. Hot boss and a very hot temper
              You are my heart, my life,             my life, my one and only             thought.  
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6. Jealous Much?
           Romantic love, rememberswhat pleases a woman, what         excites her and what surprises         her.            
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7. Hot and bothered
          There are twenty four hoursin a day, but I think about you        more than twenty four times.                                  
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8. Hot Family
        Come say sorry, with your body                                                Jon Bellion❤ 
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9. Weekend Drama
        How do you manage to keep       me going but somehow, you        keep me from going.    
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10. Weekend Drama 2
          You're never fully dressed           without a smile.                                              Sia 
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