Loving the Beta

Loving the Beta

By:  E.Bismar  Ongoing
Language: English
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UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY. Alice's life is what you can call a perfect one. A strong pack, loving friends and most of all, she have an amazing mate. But this perfect life crumbles apart when a witch decided to ruin it. Devastated by her lover's death, Kamila did everything she could to ruin Alice's life. What will Alice do? Will she continue loving the beta?

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Lana A. MaBrian
Love this story!
2021-04-02 11:12:37
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Dawn Marie Meece
I can’t wait for more chapters to this book. It’s really getting good.
2021-01-08 03:18:32
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I love the story! A must-read story... Keep up the good work author🥰🥰
2020-12-08 23:10:40
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Joy Cee
Waiting for more updates!
2020-08-05 23:24:23
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dapat dito 10 star!! I love this story ??
2020-08-05 23:07:43
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Dare Writes
nice story author! more to go pls! ?
2020-08-05 23:04:19
user avatar
Nice story
2020-07-31 21:15:13
18 Chapters
The sun is already up and shines brightly in the sky but the insatiable beta was still not done. Travis’ eyes filled with love and adoration as he looked at his mate. Together, they both reached the climax. Travis collapsed on his back beside her, heavily panting. He looked at his mate once again and kissed her forehead. He will not get tired of worshipping every inch of her. Alice smiled and hugged him. “I love you, honey,” he said.  “And I love you more,” Alice replied lovingly. Years has already passed when she first saw Travis. She was visiting her friend Candice, the Luna of the Blue Moon pack when they met. What happened was still vivid in her mind, how the man ran away when he saw her. It was a horrible
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"15 minutes break guys,” Travis shouted and clapped his hands, the wolves followed and shifted back to their human form, exhausted from the training. He’s harsher than Gabriel when it comes to training bunch of werewolves. The training consist of sparring with each other in human form and in wolf form. He also trains them to constantly shift and wield a weapon while Gabriel mainly briefs them about what to do in an actual combat. “Here, catch!” Gabriel said and throw a bottled water which Travis quickly caught with his hand. “How are they?” he asked and sat beside him. “They can manage to beat few rogues,” Travis replied and chuckled. The new warriors are mostly teenagers so they still have long way to go. Gabriel got up, it’s his time now. Travis transferred under the tree to take shelter from the scorching heat
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The women inside the cave flinched and whimpered when one of the rogues entered carrying a large tray with foods on it. He carelessly put it on the ground and harshly cupped the woman's face in front of him. He smiled maliciously, licked his lips and stared at the woman's body while forcefully massaging her breast. The poor woman handcuffed by a silver in her hands, trembled in fear. A silver can harm and restraint a werewolf. It won't easily heal if the werewolf is wounded by it.  "Brody, what the fvck are you doing?" Brody's smile drop when he saw Lincoln with Tres on the cave's entrance. He pulled his hands away from the woman's breast and smiled showing his black teeth. Lincoln's eyes squinted. He walked towards him and smacked Brody's head.  "How many times do I
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Kamila Craft, that was the woman's name Travis had saved. He's been told that Kamila is not eating her food not until she see the person who saved her. After what happened yesterday, they decided to stay for one more night in Linux pack to mourned the deaths of their comrade. They also helped on bringing the women back to their families. It's been a busy day for all of them. Travis sighed, carrying a tray in his hands. He already misses his mate, Alice. He badly wanted to go home and kiss her. He opened the door to her room. Kamila's face instantly lit up upon seeing him. Her Lleandro is back. "Why aren't you eating your food?" he asked. He already knew that Kamila is not one of them. This woman is a witch. "You need to eat so you can go home to your coven," he added and put the tray beside her. Coven is like a pack. This is where the witches and warlocks live together. The werewolves and the witches had been at peace for mo
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Pack with newly bought clothes arranged by the Luna herself, Kamila thanked them once again and bid her good bye. Today, Blue Moon pack will go back home. She excitedly went to where Travis' car is. She sat on the front seat, totally ignoring Blake. She doesn't need the Alpha but she must act accordingly to get what she wants and that is Travis. "I can't thank you enough for your help, Blake," Melvin sincerely said. He owe Blake and his pack a lot. He learned his lessons the hard way. That the arrogance won't take him to anywhere. Blake smiled. Now that everything is over, the two packs will be tied with friendship. No more bad blood. Inside the car, Kamila scoffed at the sight. She wanted to leave right now. Blake ordered his warriors. They all went to their respective cars and drove away, back to their pack. "Where will I stay?" Kamila couldn't help but ask while r
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Travis escorted Kamila back to Blake's house after they finished touring around the pack. He walked back to his own house while thinking about the conversation they had earlier. He admired the woman. Kamila remained strong despite losing his lover to death and succumbing to depression, she gradually got back on her feet. He smiled when he saw his house. Finally, it's gonna be him and his mate again. Alone in their own little world. He opened the door and saw Alice on the couch, watching but she seemed lost, blankly staring at the television in front of her.  "Honey," Travis tried calling her but she didn't answer. Travis went to her and waved a hand in front of her face. "Honey, are you okay?" Travis asked and sat beside her. Alice blinked and smiled a little. 
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Travis arrived at the border and saw the warriors forcefully pinning down the rogue on the ground. He had bulkly physique and a dark disheveled hair. Travis squatted in front of him and harshly cupped his face to get a closer look. The rogue is shooting daggers at him, his dark eyes is telling him that he wanted him dead. "What do you want, rogue?" he asked. Rogues can't be trusted. They are savages and have no emotions at all. They are the ones who succumbed to the bad side. The rogue sneered at him trying to shake the warriors off of him. "Kill, kill!" The rogue shouted in rage with a dark expression on his face. Travis heaved a sigh and nodded to the warriors. The rogue will be staying in the cell and Blake will decide what to do about him. They started pulling him away when his arms slipped suddenly attacking Travis head on.
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She hate competing to someone but if it's for Travis, she will do anything. They are already back in the house. Travis is usually the one cooking their meal but today Alice decided she will do it. She needs to show off her own skills. She doesn't want Kamila to go above her. Kamila offered her help to cook for foods but Alice refused.  Alice looked at the saucepan. The big problem here is, she doesn't know how to cook! She watched it for a minute without moving and thinking for a way how to cook the meat. "Are you okay, honey? Do you need my help?" Travis gently asked while peeking on the door. Alice smiled at him. "I can do this, honey. Trust me. Just sit there and relax, okay? I love you," she said. Travis smiled hearing those words coming from his mate's lips. He marched to her side and kissed her tem
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After the breakfast, Kamila didn't waste her time and bid her goodbye. Although she wants to stay and irritate Alice to the core, she had to do something. And that something is important for her. She left Travis' house hastily and brought the box with her. It was what Candice had asked for earlier and she directly went to her room. She took the black book out and examined the words on the page on how to exchange a soul. She carefully read all the words written on it. She's still short on the ingredients. She scrolled the page and found an interesting spell. A spell for creating a shadow. She raise her palm and uttered the words on the book in witches' language. A small light came out from her palm. "What are you doing?" A little voice asked. Kamila halted. She put her hand down and smiled at the girl on her door. Cassandra Reese, daughter of Blake and Candice Reese.
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Alice was dumbfounded when she saw Kamila outside the door with a large bag on her side. Travis had a talked with her regarding what happened to Kamila in the forest. Alice felt guilty but she also couldn't help being jealous. "From now on, she will be living here with you," Blake monotonously said. Alice's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe what he had said. Travis is out right now dealing with pack stuff.  "Hi, Alice. I'm in your care from now on," Kamila said and smiled. Blake nodded his head and left the two of them. Alice is still standing on the door eyeing Kamila. "Alice?" Kamila called. Alice cleared her throat and motioned Kamila to enter the house. She helped her with the bag she's carrying. "I really like your house," Kamila said. Alice
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