For the first time in my life, I felt alone, lost and didn’t know what to do now or in the future, I was lost without my guide and best friend Tomi but I refuse to be second place if I do go back. Being second and the spare heir all my life got to me, I thought that she would understand, that she would know better than putting me second to the same person who had made me feel inferior all my life. 

My phone dings with a notification and I glanced at it only to see that it was a WhatsApp message from Tomi, this time instead of an endless message explaining her words and pleas for me to look at it from her angle, it was a voice note. I decided to play it and a voice which I haven’t heard in ten days started talking.

“This is ridiculous Kola, you cannot still be angry, stop acting childish e, I am tired of this your attitude oh. I don beg tire and you still dey form vex, wetin you want make I do? Make I kneel down dey beg you. Please eh, just reply this message so that we can continue like nothing ever happened.”

But something did happen. I sighed as I turned off the screen of my phone, I needed someone else opinion, I need to stop this moping around, it is clearly not helping anything. 

I picked up my phone to call my friend Victor, he has always been a little bit against Tomi but maybe I need to spend time with someone who will not remind me of the girl. “How far guy.” 

“I dey oh, so my G, you still get my number. I thought that you would have deleted it a while ago since you don’t call.” Victor hails me from the other end.

“So if I nor call you, you nor dey call person. Abeg, stop those talk and save them for your girl friend.” 

“Me and Tina don break up oh.” Victor replied, his voice losing some of the jovial tone.

“I’m so sorry. What happened?” I asked feeling bad. Victor and Tina had been one of those forever couples, I met him in first semester 100 level and they became an item in second semester, they had their ups and downs but they never broke up before.

“Marriage, she is the first daughter and her parents had increased the pressure of wanting her married, she  complained to me a while ago and I told her I wasn’t ready for marriage yet, man still need to hustle and she had been acting strange, I caught her with another man a month ago and we had an epic fight. I said some hurtful things, she said some worse things and we split up. End of story.” Victor sighed as I shook my head. In a way I knew this would happen. It is rare for first daughters whose parents are troubling for marriage to date someone who hadn’t made it yet and end up getting married to the guy and I told Victor this about three years ago. 

“Pele. I always thought that you guys will be that married couple among our group of friends.” I told him.

“I thought so too but she couldn’t wait. Anyway, enough about my sad story, how far. How Tomi?” he asks and it was my turn to lose some of my good mood.

“We are not speaking currently. Look I need to talk to someone, are you up for it?” 

“Sure thing boss. Just start talking let's gist like girls.” 

“You nor well.” I chuckled. “I mean face to face conversation. I want to say a lot of things that might shock you today.” 

“Still girls’ conversation, okay let’s meet at the newest bubbling nightclub in town.” 

“Bros, na you dey go nightclub. That is not where I hang out… can’t we just meet in a restaurant or something.” 

“Make people come dey think say we be gay, abeg oh. Besides we nor fit scope girls for restaurant and I don’t want to come back to my apartment alone today.”

“So you have decided to sleep with half of lagos in your bid to get over Tina?” I asked jokingly.

“Fuck you.” Victor said without heat as I laughs.

“No thanks but fine, which night club.” 

“Let’s meet at Euphoria. You know the club na.”

“Yes na, I am a Lagos citizen after all.” I replied with a roll of my eyes as I ended the call with him and then went to get dressed.

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