Malaya at Lualhati (Freedom and Glory)

Malaya at Lualhati (Freedom and Glory)

By:  Aina  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aya lost her mother to cancer a year ago. Feeling alone and having no one else in her life, she finally had the courage to search for her father, whom left her and her mom when she was still a baby - in Munich, Germany. There she met fellow Fil-German Lou, a Psychology student and her CouchSurfing host where she stayed with for a week. Despite having no desire for a fling, both of them felt undeniable attraction towards each other. Will their two worlds meet? Or will this just be a sad dead-end for both Aya and Lou? ***************************** 'Malaya at Lualhati' tells us relatable experiences about young adulthood, deep-seated childhood issues, angst, dreams, building careers, making life-altering decisions, traveling, promiscuity, heartbreaks, and just the bittersweet euphoria of falling so deeply in love. ♥︎

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really love the writing and the story and the character.
2021-12-06 04:45:46
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..................... ..................... ..................... ..................... ..................... .....................
2021-12-06 04:44:26
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 To my husband, Rey Anthony, thank you.I remember that day you bought me this very MacBook that I'm currently using to type this dedication for you. It was right after I had my first major panic attack. My therapist told me to reconnect with my inner-self, to find my passion. 
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