Married To The Alpha Werewolf

Married To The Alpha Werewolf

By:  Pjjordan'da Dragon Sworn  Completed
Language: English
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Never did Jessie dream of being kidnapped, let alone forced to marry a man she has never seen in her life. All because her father has an addiction to gambling and a drinking problem. He sold her to an Alpha Werewolf hoping to get paid a lump sum to maintain his nasty lifestyle. Not knowing that Jessie was the Alpha's mate and he would get her either way. With her new life came about nothing but chaos, a jealous ex, a crazy sister who wants to rule the world. And a whole boat of other threats that wants to tear the newly weds apart. Can Jessie and her mate prevail as conquerors? And finally, be able to live a happy life. Or will they grow exhausted from threats after threats? And be defeated by their greatest enemy yet. Read now to find out.

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user avatar
True love, courage, love for family prevails.. I love this book ...
2022-05-04 17:28:42
user avatar
Aww... such a good book. I really enjoyed reading it.
2021-12-20 18:18:06
user avatar
Your Grace
I hope she does get happiness
2021-10-02 00:09:46
user avatar
Libra Star
poor Jess I hope whoever she is getting married to treat her good I'll read on to make sure of it.
2021-09-21 10:11:23
user avatar
wow i feel her. like, a LOT. geez, i feel bad for her but happy at the same time. i hope he treat her well🌹 author, pls gave he happiness
2021-07-16 09:34:14
user avatar
Shemiqua Mensah
Incredible I hope that he treats her well and show her that their is more to life and not everyone is like her father
2021-05-13 00:58:19
user avatar
Tori Levi
I love the cover waiting to see how the story develops also where their marriage leads
2021-05-13 00:53:06
user avatar
I fell in love with the title! Already added to my library! Keep it up writer!
2021-05-11 06:04:41
81 Chapters
1 Wedding day
When Jessie envisioned her wedding day, she visualised herself surrounded by her wonderful family, all blushing and teary eye that she's getting married. Of course, her family was far from pleasant. In fact, they hated each other. And if under any other circumstances, where she was to get wed, she would have invited none of them. They were too embarrassing to have around, especially her father. Nevertheless, this was not how she imagined her wedding day. She was not happy. Was confused, and felt fat. As Jessie stood there admiring her too-thin figure. She frowned at her reflection, that wore makeup for the first time in her life to cover up her overly pale skin. Jessie's hair, which was usually untamed, was now combed neatly today in a curly updo style, something that she didn't do often. She knotted sliver clips in the loose curls, making her wonder how in the hell will she get them out. The skin on her arm seemed paler than before. As
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2 So have you seen the guy or not?
"You have been sneaking around, haven't you?'' Jessie asked, giving Kimmy a pointed look. "I wouldn't call it sneaking.'' Kimmy returned. Jessie scoffed, "so have you seen him, my soon to be husband?'' "I don't follow," Kimmy replied. Jessie stared into Kimmy's eyes and could tell that she was trying to hide something from her. "Come on, spit it out yeah.'' Kimmy spat her gum into a nearby vase. Jessie frowned at her smug look. ''So, have you seen the bloke or not?'' "All I know is that they keep calling him Alpha, so I'm guessing he's a top dog with money, and if I could marry him, I would, but dad chose you, so suck it up, yea.'' "Alpha? That sounds like a werewolf.'' The word sounded odd, rolling off Jessie's tongue. All in her head now were those stupid fantasy books she used to read while attending school, where they would put a vampire and their enemy to fall in love. Silly,
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3 Its now or never
Jessie stopped on the landing of the second floor, contemplating about running. She even pushed at the window, then pretended to be hot and fan at her face, when someone glanced at her. "How far would I get? If these people were really wolves, they would catch up to me." Jessie closed her eyes, thinking that her dad wouldn't be so stupid to marry her off to their mortal enemies. Then again, in his drunk state, he would. Jessie's pulse quickens. After all she had heard about werewolves, she was so scared to marry one. They are very territorial, temperamental, vicious and lived in packs, where everyone shared the same house. The man following behind Jessie coughed to cover up a laugh. She glanced over her shoulder to see what was funny, then wondered if she had farted. She paused to ask him what he found funny, but thought against it. Jessie walked onward to her doom, not knowing what awaited her on the other side
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4 Seeing her for the first time
Christian could smell Jessie, her anxiety, her fear, and her anger. Everything. Which made him wish he could be there in the room to reassure her that there was nothing to fear. He made a vow to himself to take care of her with all his wellbeing and to the best of his abilities. "I will introduce her to a life better than what she was used to." Christian vowed to himself. This was the first time in two centuries since a wolf and vampire were to be mated. At first, Christian was furious. He had his eyes set on a wolf already, they have been together for a while, and he was planning to marry her. He hated the fact that the Fates had torn him away from someone he had grown to care about. Now, he was mated to someone else, someone he doesn't know, and was here on his wedding day, which was rushed. But since the message came directly from the Fates themselves, telling him that his mate was a vampire destined for greatness, and will b
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5 Mr. and Mrs. Stoll
Christian extended his right arm. With a sigh, though reluctantly, Jessie took it and together they walked down the aisle at a slow pace as the newly wedded couple. A few people clapped as they strolled by, except for one female in particular. She made a growling sound. Her eyes even glowed and her teeth lengthen as if she was ready to attack Jessie. Jessie glanced up at her husband; he didn't seem to have noticed, even if he did, he hid it pretty well. As if Christian could feel Jessie gazing at him, he smiled down at her, then winked. Causing her heart to stop for maybe the hundredth time today. Jessie was still marvelling at how gorgeous Christian was. Handsome wasn't the word to describe him and the way she felt after laying her eyes on him for the first time. "Is this man my husband for real?" "What will life with him be like?" "What would life be like in a pack? With all these werewolves, I
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6 A new home?
The car skidded to a stop as it pulled up outside a huge, beautiful house. Jessie's eyes widen at how beautiful it looked. The clean all-white of the painted outside gleamed under the dim moonlight, making it seem as if it was straight out of a fairy tale. The moon laces in full bloom made it even more surreal. Jessie couldn't believe it. This was where she'll be living from now on. And it was already much better than the room she had to share with her siblings. If Christian really does as he said and treated Jessie well, or as an equal, and not be an abusive physio, then she just might be comfortable there. ''Maybe it wouldn't be so bad living in a house full of wolves or a community with them.'' Jessie thought. Like a gentleman, Christian got out of the car first, walked around to Jessie's side of the car, and let her out. It took a great deal for Jessie to get out of the car, even with the help
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7 I just want to make you happy
Christian aggressively wiped at his lips and stared at the pink lipstick that now stained his lips as well. He shook his head to come out of his state of confusion, then chased after Jessie. "What the hell? One minute you are kissing me, the next you are screaming in my face.'' He shouted after her, but because of his state of shock, he moved too slow to catch up with her. That kiss had his senses running wild, his every being had come alive at the sensation. He had always heard about the effect that one's mate had on the other, but he never knew it would be this strong. He was in a daze, and if it was for the familiar scents of his home, he would have lost it. Christian walked to her door and gentle knock, ''Jessie, are you ok, what did I do?'' All he heard was sobbings from inside, but because she locked the door, it made it impossible to go comfort her. Of course, Christian could easily break the door down, but he did
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8 There is nothing to fear
Jessie closed her eyes and prayed before eating, something that was beaten into her from a young age. Peter, her father, had always said that they should be grateful for the meal that was provided, because he didn't have to feed her or her siblings or know when God will provide for another. Which was right, he had all the food to himself, and preferred to feed his wife and his namesake. All he gave Jessie and his two other daughters were what's left, the scrapes, which wasn't much. A slice of stale bread to share for them, a chicken breast or one baked potato. And that's it. They were expected to never complain or ask for more. It was after getting a full scholarship to uni did Jessie know a belly full; When she opened her eyes, Christian was staring at her with a confused look. A small smile spread across his face as he nodded to himself. Confused, she asked. "What is it?" But got no response from him. "Tell me about yo
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9 Why don't you stay the night?
Jessie and Christian sat together talking for a while in the kitchen until Jessie's eyes start closing down and her head was nodding, while listening to Christian's soothing voice. "Time for bed." Christian took Jessie by the hand, then unexpectedly lift her up and brought her up to her room. She reclined her head on his chest, listening to the fast speed of his heartbeat; it was as if his chest was filled with hummingbird wings instead of a heart. Completely different from that of a vampire or human. Jessie knew for a fact that she will be in for a wild ride. She closed her eyes in thought. 'Am I ready? Maybe not, but for Christian, I'll try my best.' Christian leered down at his bride, noticing how perfectly she fit in his arms. "Damn it.'' He sighed out. Jessie opened her eyes to stare up at him, noting the deep frown between his brows. "You can put me down if I'm too heavy.'' Jessie sa
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10 What was your dream about?
Christian woke up for the second time in the middle of the night, this time feeling strange. There was a great pressure on his chest, which made him feel hot. Remembering that he was in bed with Jessie, and it must have been her. He opened his eyes to see half of her body on his chest and her hair in a tangled mess around both of them. Christian had always thought that sleeping with his mate would be peaceful, and she would be curled into his side. But not Jessie. She even snored, drooled a bit, talked in her sleep and she was the source of heat, almost making Christian sweaty. Instead of waking her, he allowed her to sleep and mumbled away. Wondering what she was dreaming about now, as her brows frowned while she hissed a little. "You are mine, my vampire turned human, my woman, my wife, my mate.'' Christian brushed a finger against her cheek; she stirred and her big grey eyes opened to stare at Christian, as if seeing him
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