Mated To The Ruthless Alpha

Mated To The Ruthless Alpha

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Xavier Blackwood is the man every girl at my college dreams about at night, myself included, but I'd never let anyone know that. Standing at 6'8 with steel grey eyes, he's a walking dream, but he's also a world-renowned jerk. Who would have thought that one night, after dragging myself home after doing double shifts at the diner, I'd be jumped by three men...only to have Xavier come to my rescue. Oh yes, Xavier bloody Blackwood saved my life...but the thing I saw, the CREATURE that ripped those men to shreds wasn't the Xavier everyone knows. He wasn't human... He was a wolf, a demon, a creature from myths, and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen until he attacked me too and knocked me out. Humans that learn about the existence of werewolves have to die. ...There are NO exceptions. The Werewolf Xavier saved me, but now I am condemned to death To make things worse, both Xavier and Axel claim I am their mate ...this can't be good.

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29 Chapters
Chapter OneRubyLife is finally about to stop kicking me in the ass and the world is going to know my name. Everything is about to change.I repeated my morning affirmation three more times as I exited the cab and looked around at my new school. I am in college. I, Ruby Saunders, have made it to college. I’ll still have to work my ass off to maintain my grades and qualify for my full ride, of course, but nothing is going to deter me from my path. I’ve worked too long and too hard to get where I am now, so all distractions can go to hell. I’m not saying I won’t attend the occasional party, but I know the opportunity I’ve been given will be gone forever if I lose it. I can’t pay for college on my own; I can barely pay for lunch.“Damn babe, nice ass.”My eyes narrowed as I stopped walking. I sighed as I turned around while pulling my hands out of the pockets of my leather jacket. The distractions were starting earlier than I had expected and I wasn't in the mood. Five minutes. Only fiv
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Rosette gave me an hour break instead of fifteen minutes. I stared up at the ceiling in the office where I’d been lying down for that hour. I’ve never thrown up so much in my life, but the feeling was almost gone. With my stomach now empty, I felt drained of all my energy.I tried to remember what I had eaten that could have made me sick, but all I've had since morning was a sandwich and then a muffin when I got to work. Maybe what I needed was a proper meal.I grimaced. The thought of food was making me feel sick again, and I decided with the feeling passing I’d better get back to work. Rosette had argued with me for ten minutes that I should go home, but I need the money. My scholarship covers my school expenses, but I still have to eat.I made my way back into the diner to take over from Brittany when my eyes landed on Xavier.What was he still doing here?He was alone but sitting in the exact spot he had been before. He looked up as I was putting my apron on and his eyes lowered i
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RubyThe third time I woke up I felt like myself. I felt rested, but I was still in a room that wasn’t my own. I laid there unmoving, but my sleepy eyes were on the black ceiling. The rest of the room was shrouded in darkness, only illuminated by one lamp that was standing by the door. I waited patiently until I felt truly awake before untangling my hand from the sheet to wipe at the corners of my eyes.I replayed the events that had led me to be in a bed that wasn’t my own and fisted my hands. How many days have even passed I wondered?I wasn’t dead, so that was something, but how long would that last? What had happened in that alleyway hadn’t been a dream. Xavier had transformed before my eyes and killed three men. Natalie had then created some kind of world inside my head and had then magically put me to sleep. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply before exhaling and then repeating the act once more. I could easily imagine that everything that had happened was impossible, but I woul
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NatalieI balanced the tray in my left hand as I knocked and opened Ruby’s door. I frowned at the shattered lamp by the door before poking my head inside.“Ruby? It’s Natalie.” I closed the door behind me when I found her sitting on the floor at the back of the room, her head against the wall. “I brought something for you to eat. You must be hungry.”She opened her eyes slowly, her cold stare making me rethink approaching her. I placed the tray on the coffee table before the sofa and sighed. Her eyes and nose were red from crying and her hair was wild and tangled. She looked a mess and my heart went out to her. The hatred in her eyes cut me deeply, but I deserved it as much as Xavier.She had witnessed three men being ripped to shreds and now she was locked away in a room awaiting her own death. I’d want to rip some fucking limbs off myself if I was her.Sighing, I pulled a chair closer to her, but stayed at a polite distance so she wouldn’t feel crowded. “I know you must be confused
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Ruby“You’re not going to die, Ruby, but I can’t guarantee you’ll ever be able to leave this pack.”Natalie’s words ran through my mind in an endless loop. With eachrefrain I felt another piece of my life crack up and slowly disintegrate. What had she meant? I can’t stay here with a bunch of werewolves! Where even is here?She had come to me to shed some light on my situation and I had given her the cold shoulder. It was killing me. She didn't have to come to see me. She didn't have to offer any explanation, but she had. She’d even brought food for me, and I still pushed her away, the only friend I might have here.But she’s still one of them. It makes no difference that she’s an “Enchanted” or whatever she called herself. She’s still one of them. If Xavier’s attempt to spare my life doesn’t work, she’ll have to stand by and watch me be killed.Xavier Blackwood.I rolled onto my back as that name echoed in my mind. I definitely thought he was strange, even before I learned he has fan
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RubyAnother sleepless night had me restless, my thoughts keeping me awake despite my tired eyes.My new room would be ready tomorrow, the start of a new life as a guinea pig to werewolves. Mathieu had said his wolves would learn from me, but what was I supposed to teach them? Don't they all live alongside humans anyway? What had he meant when he said one day humans andwerewolves would have to come together? He had also said again. Did that mean humans used to live alongside werewolves?“I see what Natalie saw in you.”What had she seen? I still couldn’t believe she had taken a deep dive into my mind. Maybe if I hadn’t told her to leave me alone I could find her and ask her to put me to sleep the way she had before. In the daytime I can force myself to think of other things, but night causes my doubts and fears to come alive to plague me.I wasn’t even sure if I was handling this all correctly. What’s the correct way to deal with something like this? First I’m to be killed, and now I
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RubyA nearby sound penetrated my sleep, but only enough for an eye to crack open and then immediately close again. I was exhausted after spending hours crying.It was the first time I’ve cried, a true cry, since the start of the downward spiral my life has taken. There is a time for everyone when a cry that’s started by one thing becomes a cry about everything, things from your past and present. You let all your emotions out and leave yourself bare, but afterward you feel so numb, so light, the only thing left to do is sleep, a dead sleep.The next time the sound came, however, it was enough to wake me completely. I sat straight up, my eyes darting around my room frantically.Why did that howl sound so loud? So close?I gripped the sheets at my sides as I listened. The night had returned to silence, but shortly after, another howl rang out. A horrible feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. Throughout my time here I hadn't seen a single wolf in wolf form. I hadn't even heard so muc
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RubyNow I understood how dogs feel when their owners decide to take them outside. I was out of the house! I was out of the house and it wasn’t for work. And while I didn’t know where I was going, I was excited. I had gotten dressed as Xavier had demanded and had found him outside just as he was getting into his car.The asshole really was going to leave without me.I could feel eyes on me as I got into the car, but there was no one outside that I could see. For a moment my excitement faltered, my imagination painting a picture of wolves hidden in the trees watching me with vengeful eyes.I sat back as Xavier pulled out, his matte black Audi speeding toward the large iron gates that led to my freedom. No matter how temporary it would be. I knew I would have to return to this place at the end of the day, but I sighed and pushed that thought away. I decided to just be in the moment.During the long drive to the gate I stared ahead at the towering trees that lined both sides of the drive
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RubyXavier looked up and down the street before crossing and I followed close by his side. After leaving The Witches Brew we hadn’t gotten back into his car. We left the parking lot, turned left, and had now been walking for ten minutes.We hadn’t really talked to each other during our walk, but it wasn’t an uneasy silence. It felt comfortable. I felt protected. Was it because I knew about the power within him? I hadn’t expected to be getting along with him so well. Why did he offer to do this? Why be nice to me now? Was it all just because of his guilt over what he had said to me?“So, supernatural creatures are all friendly with each other?”“No, Ruby, they aren’t all friendly with each other. Just like not all humans get along with each other.” He tapped my shoulder for me to follow him and turned left. Ahead of us appeared a large fountain.“Wow,” I said under my breath. “I only just moved here for school. I didn’t get the time to explore the city.” When we finally stopped at the
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The drive back to the house was a quiet one, and this time the radio blasted to cover the awkward silence. Xavier had kissed me, and I had let him. I wasn’t sure how I’d face him after this. I couldn’t even handle turning my head to look in his direction. Why had he done that?I thought he’s never dated a human, from what Natalie had said that day in the library. I had been convinced he wasn’t even attracted to my kind. So why, out of all the women throwing themselves at him, did he decide to stick his tongue down my throat?My day had been going so well. He had been on the brink of making me think this could all work out and then he had to ruin it. My life before this hadn’t been perfect. My life has never even been close to perfect. My financial worries had disappeared since being forced to live here, and despite how nerve-wracking this has all been I was slowly falling in love with the woods, but now I’d give it up in a heartbeat with no second thought. Xavier had kissed me. This c
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