Chapter 15

Alice avoided Vincent since she got back. It wasn't mature of her like Megan kept telling her, but she wasn't ready to chat. She left after hurtful words after they kissed. After two years, she came back. She got engaged and married and stayed in Johannesburg. Alice felt embarrassed and guilty, more so now that she was thirsting over the man again sitting across from her.

This was the last wedding rehearsal at Marcia's family's home. Since everyone was available. Marcia's parents had suggested a family dinner. Alice was fidgety and battling to stomach her food. She felt like she was the only one who was feeling uncomfortable. Vincent was totally fine, sitting across the table from her, chatting with Riley.

"So Ally, when does Oliver arrive?" Riley suddenly asked, looking at Alice.

"Should be tomorrow night," Alice sipped her lemon water.

She had been drinking a lot with Megan and felt today was a good day to have a detox. The wedding was two days away, and she needed to be on her best
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