Chapter 16

Alice ran back to grab her purse and car keys. She tried to school her emotions until she left. Alice had dabbed her eyes and plastered a smile and walked in. Before excusing herself, she whispered something to her friend Megan.

"Are you leaving?" Vincent asked, staring at her.

Alice nodded without looking at him because she couldn't face the man she hurt. Katy had been right because she was seeing him differently. His eyes looked hopeful. His mouth was desperate to speak of what was truly hidden in his heart.

"I have to go." Alice looked away and walked.

She didn't have the energy to say her goodbyes to everyone and have all eyes on her. Alice ran past Katy without looking at her. Afraid, she ran to her car. She prayed no one would follow her. She shook, and she opened her door.

"Okay breathe," Alice sniffed and closed her eyes and counted from ten to zero.

"Alice," she opened her eyes and spun around.

"What happened? Why are you leaving?"

"I'm feeling sick. I think I need to go lie
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