Madlyn POV.

I get to stay in Adrian's hands on the ride home, I don't know what kind of home is waiting for us, but I was kind of excited, scared, and excited, I got both Lulu and Teddy in my arms too. They felt nice in my hands, soft and warm, things we never had before.

We made to some kind of a building, the ones I see from far away while running away from the Zohalian or just spying on them, I always dreamed about coming here and looking at what their lives are like. They park the car we were in and got out, Adrian held me the whole time taking me inside the place.

"Let's give you the tour first then we'll talk rules," Jaxon says, he tries to take me out of Adrian's arms but I cry and cling to him more, I don't fully trust or like Jaxon right now, he still seems a little scary. I hold lulu closer to me, she's scared too.

The house was enormous, bigger than any building I lived in before, the biggest I ever had was a ran down shack. But this is a three-level home with so many roo
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