Derek POV.

The problem with having a political scandal, no one would let you adopt from their place, humans as young as Adrian wants are rare these days, meaning we had to do a deep search. The last orphanage was one on the bad side of the town, the staff wasn't happy or ready to work with someone very young, hence their nickname to our princess, nightmare. She had stomach worms from bad food, she was only one but was still walking and haven't started teething yet, once her body adapts more to the nutrients she receiving she'll act more like her age.

She was mostly quiet clinging to Adrian the whole time while eying me and Jaxon, once the paperwork was done we were ready to leave.

"Let's go" Jaxon says more than happy to leave, we had a car seat already waiting for her, strapping her in wasn't that easy since she didn't want to lay down in it. She grumbled and groaned, trying to get out of the darn car seat, clearly, she didn't want to be in it.

"Stop fighting princess," Jaxon says
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