Madlyn POV.

When I woke up I was still sucking on the rubber thing they put In my mouth. I sat up to see if any of my new daddies were around, I didn't find any of them, I was alone in the wooden cage, I started crying scared, I hate the dark.

Soon Adrian walked in and picked me up. During the time of my crying, the rubber thing fell out of my mouth. He just picked it up again along with Teddy and one of the new blankets we got, he gave me them, I hugged them close feeling better now.

"it's okay princess daddy's here," Adrian says, he held me back toward their room, both Derek and Jaxon were asleep. "You see your lazy papa and dada?" He says to me in a baby voice, making me giggle, no one ever talked to me in a voice like that, not even when I was really little.

"Why's she awake it's three in the morning," Derek asks once I'm on the bed next to them trying to poke his eye, he kept them firmly closed, meanie.

"The book said she'll be hungry during the night" Adrian explains picking up
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