2. Behind The Room

I ran into my room, locking myself inside with the music playing loudly. Ah, no! Very hard precisely because only then I can cry to my heart's content. No one wants to live so miserably like this.

I'm not a bad girl, I'm a good girl who never hurt anyone, but why did God put me in this position? Why?

I paused and covered my mouth tightly when I heard a knock on the door. I know exactly who is behind that door. Yes, it must be Dad. I thought he was not at home as usual.

"Kei, have you eaten?" shouted Dad from behind the door.

No, I haven't eaten, and it's better not to eat than to show my face covered in dried henna streaks. Dad would be very hurt if he saw his only daughter become a victim of bullying. And of course, I don't want that to happen.

"I already ate at school!" I shouted.

"Could you open the door?" asked Dad.

"No! I don't wanna see anyone! I'm on my period!" I shouted while holding back my tears.

"Alright, meet Dad whenever you want!" shouted Dad.

I put my ear to the door to make sure Dad was gone. After hearing his footsteps away, I went back to bed and lay down my body.

Tears kept coming out of my reddened eyes.

If Mom were still alive, maybe I wouldn't have experienced all of this. She would come straight to school and scold anyone who bullied me. If only someone would do that for me, I would be very grateful.

I straightened my body and took out all the skincare stored neatly in my cupboard. I took all the cleansing liquid that could clean the remnants of this henna from my face.

I've even finished a bottle of micellar water that I have and rubbed it hard on my face, but the henna streaks won't go away either. I don't know what kind of henna Lenny put on so that it couldn't be removed like this.


Day after day passed, after all the excuses I gave Dad for skipping classes, I finally came out of the room after making sure the henna streaks on my face had completely disappeared. I'm already pathetic enough, I don't want to look even more pathetic if people see my face full of graffiti.

I took a deep breath before finally stepping my foot through the school gate. If for most people school is a fun place to study and have fun with friends, for me this place is more like a very terrible hell.

"Hey, Siti! You're finally in! Oh, damn! Who allowed you to delete my masterpiece?!" Lenny snapped.

I saw several teachers walking past me. It's really sad, don't they want to help me? I'm their student too, right? Why do they seem to close their eyes?

"Lenny, never mind! You can scold her later, you don't want to see that new student? He's in the cafeteria!" exclaimed Miranda who had just come over to us.

Lenny's attention was immediately diverted. The girl gave me a sinister look before finally leaving with Miranda to the canteen.

I breathed a sigh of relief seeing the girl back slowly disappear from before me. Even if possible, I want Lenny to completely disappear from my life.

"Hey, if you're tired, go to the counseling room, maybe the teacher can help you," said someone who passed me.

Hum, of course. I once talked to my homeroom teacher about the bullying I was having, but the old lady ignored me and said Lenny was just kidding. Does it make sense for slapping someone to be considered a joke?

But... maybe I should try one more time. There should be one out of all the teachers in this school who would take my side.

I walked quickly to the counseling room, while Lenny was busy with the new student who was somehow handsome, I could consult with the teacher.

"Good morning, ma'am," I said to Mrs. Merry--the guidance counselor at SMA Gemilang.

"Hello, morning too," said Mrs. Merry so kindly.

I sat down on the chair provided in front of Mrs. Merry's table.

"Do you want a consultation?" asked Mrs. Merry while looking at me with a warm gaze.

I took a deep breath and looked at Mrs. Merry doubtfully. Seeing her friendly face, Mrs. Merry should be a woman who is full of affection, maybe she wants to understand me and find a solution to my problem.

I began to tell her everything that Lenny had ever done to me. All of them, without missing anything. However, it turned out that my expectations for this teacher were too high. Just like my homeroom teacher, Mrs. Merry tried to convince me that what Lenny was doing was just a joke.

"They torture me," I screamed in disbelief.

Mrs. Merry's gaze, which was originally friendly and full of gentleness, suddenly changed.

"Don't overdo it, Kei! I told you that Lenny was only joking! If you don't like her jokes, you can tell her directly! Don't be a bitch like a child! I have a lot of work to do here, not just taking care of students like you!" snapped Mrs. Merry.

My heart was so broken to hear Mrs. Merry's words. Now, I know, I'm not going to get any defense, and from anyone at this school.

"If I fight them, Lenny and her friends will torture me even more! They don't even hesitate to beat me," I said softly.

"Maybe you've made her angry. Never mind, mind your own business, I have a lot of work! My advice, you don't act so much that your friends bully you!" After saying that, Mrs. Merry left the room.

I just sat limply in the chair. How could any teacher be able to behave like this with her students? Especially me who was asking for protection.

There is no other way for me. Maybe I just have to accept my destiny of being a Lenny doll until I graduate from high school.

I stood up and stepped with heavy feet out of the room. And unfortunately, when I came out of the room, Feby saw me. The girl looked at me sharply, she smiled sarcastically before finally leaving me.

I'm in big trouble! Feby will immediately complain to Lenny, and she will immediately go berserk, she will torture me as she pleases again.

I'd rather just skip school.

I held on to my bag strap tightly and walked quickly towards the exit gate. But unfortunately, the school guard had closed and locked it.

I ran back to the back of the school because guys usually jump over the back fence to play truant.

I stopped walking when I saw a fence that was so high in front of me. How could a short girl like me climb such a high fence?

I looked left and right looking for something that might help me jump over the fence.

"Need help climbing the wall?" said a voice that immediately gave me goosebumps.

"Hey, Siti! Do you think you can just go like that?" snapped another voice.

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