3. Dead End

I could only cry when slap after slap landed on my cheek. They call this punishment for a brat like me who usually only complains. Not just a slap, now Lenny even strangled my neck.

Don't ask how it feels, I almost lost my mind if only Lenny didn't take her hand off me. They were angry because I entered the counseling room. Of course, they knew what chat we had in there. The only problem in my life is them, so it's pretty easy to guess.

"What did you say to Mrs. Merry? You told me how much you suffered because of me? This idiot thought the counseling teacher could stop me from hurting her, really stupid!" Lenny shouted, pushing me against the wall until I hit my head.

"Don't waste your time! Do you know this is a private school? And the biggest donors in this school are my parents, instead of getting into trouble with me, those stupid teachers would rather let you be my toy!" exclaimed Lenny while putting her hands on her hips with an annoyed look.

That's right, they are stupid teachers! As a teacher, they should protect me, not cruel bullies like the Aster Gang. They don't deserve to be called teachers.

"Teach her a lesson!" Miranda exclaimed casually.

Lenny looked at me with a sly gaze, she then smiled and took a few steps back from me.

"Hold her!" Lenny ordered Miranda and Febi.

Without saying anything, the two girls held both sides of my hand. Lenny gave her cell phone to Marko and asked the man to record me.

And as soon as the recording started, Lenny approached me, then stripped all the buttons of my uniform. I screamed for help, I struggled to try to break free, but this weak me of course couldn't do anything. Lenny stripped me naked, then Marko filmed every inch of my naked body. I can only cry while they laugh so happily.

Not quite up there, Marko approached me and abused me.

"Don't make me angry, or I will spread this video on the Internet!" threatened Lenny. The girl then smiled sarcastically mocking me.

After feeling satisfied, they slam my body to the floor and leave me with laughter that accompanies their steps.

One more time... If only I was strong enough to kill them, I would. Stupid me, all I could do was cry and accept all their treatment.

They are not humans, they are monsters. They just play with my life for fun. I don't understand what part of my suffering could make them so happy. What gain do they gain by hurting me?


I stare at the dilapidated building that hasn't been touched by contractors in years. A tall building with so many stairs. My dead-end thoughts made my feet walk slowly into the building and up to the top floor. I sat on the edge of the roof of the building and swept my eyes over the view of the city of Jakarta which was visible from where I was. Ah, I can even see my school building from up here.

It's tiring! I seem to have reached a dead end. There's nothing I can do to get away from the Aster gang, and I'm not going to let them hurt me anymore. As someone weak, I can only rely on the help of others, but I can't get help from anyone.

The only way was to change schools, and even that was impossible for me to do. I once begged my Dad to move me, but he paid no heed to my pleas.

Then what again? Now I'm completely broken.

My tears started to fall again remembering all the injuries I got at school. I'm tired. Should I end it all?

I stood, looking straight down. I think I'll die right away if I jump from here. That's right, I'll just end it, I'd better catch up with my mother, we've been separated for a long time.

I took off my two shoes, took off my bag, and took a deep breath. It seems that death is the only way out of all this suffering. My frustration overcame my fear, so I closed my eyes and prepared to take a step.


I fell. My body hit pretty hard.

"Are you crazy?!" a sudden sound made my eyes open wide.

Still confused, I turned towards the voice coming from a man I was pressing on top of. After gaining my senses, I immediately jumped up and away from the man who was still lying on the floor.

"Do you think it's good to die?!" jerked the man as he stood up, and dusted off his dirty school uniform.

I still didn't answer and tried to see what was going on. I didn't fall down the building. The man pulled me so that I fell with him on the floor.

The tall man with eyes as sharp as an eagle looked me straight in the eye. A heavy sigh escaped from his mouth.

"I don't know what your problem is, but I can guarantee that death is not the right solution! God hates someone who gives up easily, let alone decides to end her life! Don't get ahead of God's will," said the man while sitting on one of the broken benches located not far from where I stood.

"I don't need a lecture from you!" I snapped.

Jumping from this high place is not an easy choice. And I've been working hard to muster up the will to do it. He has no right to thwart my efforts like this.

The man looked at me from head to toe. He then stood up, stepped toward me, and suddenly hugged me carefully.

After lecturing me, this man hugged me. What does he want?

"Take a deep breath, calm down, I don't know if this will help, but my mom said, someone whose mind is in a mess, really just needs a hug. I know life is hard, but don't give up. There are so many ways towards happiness, so don't think that you're standing at a dead end!"

I was silent listening to every word that came out of the man's mouth.

Maybe he's right, someone like me does need a hug. But... with the wound I have, just a hug won't be enough to keep me strong in living my miserable life.

I pushed him away and looked at him annoyed. It's probably easy for him to say that since he didn't experience what I went through.

"I'm standing at a dead end, and I can't go back the way I've been before," I said in a deep voice.

The man fell silent. He looked at me deeply.

"Is it too painful? Are you being bullied by your friends?" asked the man with a look so deep.

"How do you know?" I asked confused.

The man took a deep breath, then sat back down on the broken chair behind him and looked at me.

"Judging by your appearance, it's obvious that you've just been bullied. It seems pretty bad. To what extent have they tortured you?" asked the man casually.

"It's not your business!" I snapped.

"Kei Innaya Susilo, is that your name?" the man read the name tag on my uniform.

I didn't answer and just stared at him annoyed.

"If you can't find a way out, I'll make it for you!" exclaimed the man in a very serious tone. 

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