My Luna My Queen

My Luna My Queen

By:  Alice B  Completed
Language: English
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My name is Emily Winters. Born into the White Raven pack and a silver wolf. A rare sight, I must say, but little did I know how rare and what it would cost me. my life? Well, almost. My mate kept his wolf hidden for so long, his pack started to get concerned that he never got his wolf. He never ran with them on the full moon pack runs. It took meeting me, the Ying to his Yang to feel safe enough to do so. True friendship and the love of my mate give me the strength I needed to get through the biggest battle of my life.

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35 Chapters
Emily's POV
'Tap!' 'Tap!' 'Tap!'"What the actual fudge," I sighed. I waited for a good five minute listening to the sounds around me before deciding there was nothing there before closing my eyes to go back to sleep.'Tap!' 'Tap!' 'Tap!'This time I was wide awake. I kicked off the covers and turned on the bedside lamp.'Tap!' 'Tap!' 'Tap!'I got up and walked towards the window, ready to give whoever woke me up what for. Armed with a scowl that would scare Hades himself, I threw open the curtains and looked outside. Standing out in the garden below my window was my best friend, Jenny. "What the hell girl, I nearly said some unsavoury things." Jenny just grinned from ear to ear listening to me vent a little. I didn't expect anything less from her."Just be grateful I didn't throw the larger stones", Jenny said, grinning, which caused both of us to giggle.Quickly coming back to reality, I remembered that Jenny was still standing on the lawn, "What are you doing here at..." I paused to look at t
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Emily's POV - Birthday Morning
After Jenny left, I went back to bed only to be woken up after what felt like five minutes later."Emily," my mother sang, "Emily," again "Emily," a little louder this time, causing me to groan."OK, OK...I'm up, I'm up”, slowly pushing back the covers and sitting up."HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!" shouted my mum and dad at the same time with overly large smiles on both of their faces.I sat up and looked around my room to find gifts placed on the bottom of my bed. "Aww thanks guys," I said smiling, sleep now forgotten."That's not all of them," dad said to me, causing me to look at him in surprise."There's more downstairs," my mum sang, "and there's a special delivery from the Alpha King."Now I am wide awake. Why would the Alpha King be sending me a birthday gift? This is so unheard of.I opened the gifts that were placed on my bed from my parents. A new throw: new pyjamas, you can never go wrong with pyjamas; some of my favourite chocolates, Toffifee yummy and, last but not least, a n
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Jenny's POV
Emily pulled up outside my house in a black 2023 Audi Q5 with tinted windows, and I had to act like I wasn't jealous when deep down I was.I had asked my parents for a car for my 18th birthday, but I was always told the same thing, "wait to see if you find your mate first," my mum said. " If you haven't found your mate by the time you are 21, we will get you a car," my dad would add.Basically, they wanted my mate to buy me the luxuries any young girl would want from life.I got in the car and squealed "this is so you." I could see Emily smile but not the same megawatt smile she usually has. "What's wrong Em? Is there something bothering you?" She handed me a card and I could see the royal seal in the bottom corner. My eyes were wide open as I read and reread the note, she handed to me. "This doesn't make sense. Who is Ty?" "The Alpha King Tyler Greenwood."My head snapped to look at her, "are you freaking kidding me? You had this car from the Alpha King? Why is he signing the card
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Tyler's POV
Being the Alpha King is exhausting. I am expected to do the work of the King, the Queen, the Alpha, and the Luna.Although I have the help from my mother and sister with the tasks of the Luna, I can't wait to find my mate.I need my mate to help me with everything, including with things of a more personal nature. I want a family and a partner in life, not just a queen or a Luna. Someone who will call me out on my bullshit from time to time, ground me, when need be, and be my everything."What am I going to do, Axel? What will become of me if I don't find her?""You will be fine. Why are you stressing so much about it? You have done everything on your own for years. What about Emily?""Well, that's a name I have not heard in years. I haven't even heard from her family. Maybe I should send her a gift for her birthday, but what should I send her?"Rummaging through all the mail on my desk sorting it into order of importance, I came across the invitation to the Moon Ball at the White Rave
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Emily and Jenny
Something wasn't sitting quite right with me. I remember turning up at the ball, but why am I back here? I thought to myself.I was standing in my room in front of my full-length mirror after the pamper session at the spa and salon. Running my hands over the red satin fabric before hearing my parents calling me from downstairs.Sighing, I took one more look at myself, grabbed my shawl and made my way downstairs."You look like an angel, honey," cooed my mum as I walked down the stairs, holding onto the railing so that I didn't fall flat on my face."You will be fighting them off with a stick tonight." Both of my parents have huge smiles on their faces which was kind of freaking me out.'Knock, knock, knock'"The car is here, ladies. It's time to go." my dad said as he ushered us out of the door.I am so nervous and can feel butterflies in my stomach. "Everything will be fine," said a voice in my head, making me sit up straight.Jenny got into the car and sat next to me. As soon as the
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Emily's POV - What Happened?
Voices, so many voices.I slowly opened my eyes to find that I was in one of the guest rooms in the pack house.Mum, dad, Alpha Declan, Luna Olivia, Jenny, her mate, and him, "mmmmmm yummy," muttered Prim."What happened?" I groaned whilst trying to sit up."Take it easy love. You passed out after finding out that Tyler was your mate," my dad said.Looking a little shocked as he referred to the Alpha King by his name instead of his title and nothing happened to him. No punishment, no arrest, no 'OFF WITH HIS HEAD'."I am just glad that you are alright," my mum said, with Luna Olivia nodding in agreement."You need to rest a little. Come down when you feel ready," Alpha Declan said before leaving to join the others.Jenny just stood there looking as if she wanted to say something but wasn't sure what to say or how to say it. "Congratulations," she said quietly before turning on her heel and practically running out of the door with her mate not far behind."Finally," came a voice, "I di
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Tyler and Axel
"She. Did. Not. Just. Say. That!" Axel growled out.My breathing became ragged as I tried to get Axel back under control. He was so angry right now and was pushing to the surface."Mate thinks we are going to reject her. Do something or I will." Axel was so angry but I couldn't figure out who he was more angry with.After spending the last five minutes talking to him to calm him, he finally retreated to the back of my subconscious. "Why would you say something like that? You are so wrong, by the way."Sensing how angry I was, she just looked at the floor ashamed about asking me if I was going to reject her.I walked towards her, placed a finger under her chin. Oh my, the sensation of the sparks coursing though my entire body, caused by just one touch. I tilted her head up to look at me and with a smile on my face I said calmly, "Little one, you are everything I have wanted and more. I know you will make an amazing queen. I know you are a free spirit and can't wait to get to know you
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Huw and Jenny
HuwPushing open the large doors leading to the ballroom, the amazing smell of the ocean hit me. 'Mate! Mate! Mate!' Davis started screaming in my head. He was going crazy, jumping up and down howling. "Don't worry, I will find her." I linked him in the hopes that he would calm down just a little so that I could walk without looking like I was drunk.My eyes darted around the room until they landed on the most stunning blonde at the back of the room. Gorgeous brown eyes, curves in all the right places, my mouth was watering at the sight, which also made my little warrior stand to attention. It was painful how hard I was right now. 'Damn it,' I muttered under my breath. These tuxedo pants don't give any space in that area.As if sensing my distress, the blonde she-wolf started walking over to me with a big smile on her face."Hi, I'm Jenny." My eyes locked with hers. "Mate. Mine." I said. "Mate, yours!" she responded, which made my wolf extremely happy and was yipping and howling like
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A night to remember
Emily's POVMy feet were killing me. I don't know how people can walk on a daily basis in heels. Sensing my pain, Tyler bent slightly and swooped me up bridal style. To say it was a relief would be an understatement. It felt like heaven. I sighed as I snuggled into his chest listening to him groan, which made me giggle."Please don't make those sounds, little one. My self control is holding on by a thread right now and the sounds and movements you are making are making me feel a little uncomfortable.""I'm so sorry. I didn't realise. I can walk if I take off my shoes. I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable. I am a little on the heavy side," before I could continue with what I was saying, a growl rumbled through Tyler's chest. "Don't you ever talk bad about yourself, Emily. You are perfect the way you are." I had no idea what to say to this and before the conversation continued, we had reached his car and he placed me down on the back seat before he walked around to the other sid
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All the way
Emily’s POVThinking that I was in heaven and that it couldn't get any better than this, Tyler's voice pulled me back to planet Earth. " Oh my fucking Goddess. You are absolutely soaking," he gasped. I really didn't know if this was a good thing or a bad and I could feel the embarrassment rise, causing my neck and the tips of my ears to change colour.His fingers spread apart my folds and rested on my sensitive nub, which caused me to gasp. Tyler just sits there staring at me with a silly grin. He slowly moves his fingers in a circular motion, making me moan and Tyler's grin become bigger. He slowly pushes one finger inside the secret entrance in my secret garden as he watches me closely. "So...good," I managed to say.Tyler suddenly pulled his finger out, making me jump at the sensation. He had a concerned expression on his face. "Um Emily, sweetheart, are you a virgin?" Feeling embarrassed, I tried to hide my face, " that wrong?He looked at me with a gentle expression,
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