Chapter 2

Inside the car, Josh was driving his way home. His mind was a little distracted by his mother's words earlier. Up until now, he did not think that someday, somehow those words would bother him. Unknowingly, josh thinks about what kind of girl could capture his heart. He doesn't want to set any standard, as long as they could get along with him, that's all that matters.

To everyone's eyes, he is a cold and aloof person, unbeknown to them it's just his mask in order to steer clear of a prickly individual especially now that he is the new CEO of Stanley Manufacturing.

It's already 10 pm in the evening when Josh arrives at his villa and quickly parking his car in his garage then striding inside his home. After taking a quick shower, he proceeds to his study room to finish some of his works in the company.


The following day seems to be ordinary to her. After her class in school, she immediately goes home to her apartment. Before sleeping she will work hard with her projects, thesis, and other requirements that would lead her in completing this course and start her dream to become successful someday.

Cass is a very determined person and she's very clear with her goals. She doesn't have any experience having a boyfriend because she focuses on studying and she believes that there is the right time for those things, now is not the right time. She has some suitors but she always ignores them. For her, it's not her priority and would never become her priority.

In the tiny bedroom in her apartment, Cass is still sleeping when her phone suddenly rang. Without opening her eyes she reaches where the sound of the ringing phone, then knowingly presses the answer button. When the call just connected she heard, "oh no! Cass are you not still awake?! It's nearly 10 in the morning and why are you seem to be not planning to leave in your bed!" Said the disparate-like voice on the other side of the line. Hearing the unexpected caller Cass slightly frowns and mutters," Liz? why are you calling...I want to sleep a little longer besides it's Saturday theirs no class today and I'm already done with those countless requirements." Cass said with her sleepy voice. Hearing her friends words Liz retorted," Cass are you nuts?! Don't you remember what day is today?", " why? what's the significance of this day? Cass answered nonchalantly." Liz could only sigh while frantically said with a hint of helplessness in her voice" Cass its your birthday today and how stupid you are to even forget about your natal day!"

"...." she went speechless with what she heard from her friend just now.

" Now are you fully awake?" Said Liz with a snort. " Ye..yes, I'm all ears now.." Cass said in a sleepy voice. " Now we have to celebrate this day..don't you feel that you owe me a birthday treat?" Said Liz with elation.

Being disturbed Cass immediately agreed, " Liz you know that I am not particular with that kind of place, so you just decide where to go then I'll just come with you." Liz frantically said," okay tonight I'll come to your place and let's go together, okay?" Cass answered, "Okay".


On the other side, Josh has woken up with the peeping light of the sun outside his floor-to-ceiling window. He raises his head towards his bedside clock only to see that it's already 10 am in the morning. It's already 2 am when he decided to go to bed after his work has done. So he doesn't mind if he would wake up this late. Staring at the ceiling with a wandering mind, he felt bored and decided to hang in the pub later just to relax. He seldom goes to such places like that but today he wants to liven up himself. After pondering a little bit he dragged himself to the bathroom and have a quick shower. Striding towards the kitchen he happens to come across his butler, seeing his master he hastily bow his head and said: " Master, your breakfast is ready ". Josh just nodded his head as a response and headed to the table where his breakfast has already been served. Upon receiving a response from his master, Berto proceed outside the house for his duties. Berto is Josh's butler that he trusted and he is with him ever since he was still a child. He has only two companions in this house his butler and his nanny. Even though he is already grown up his nanny is still with him to do the house chores for him same as the butler. Josh called his butler tatay Berto and nanay Linda for his nanny. Tatay Berto and nanay Linda treated him as their child. Having his breakfast, wearing a white shirt much with his signature shorts and sneakers he plans to visit one of his best buddies and have a chat, maybe he can also go with him tonight to grab a drink. After an hour he arrives at the parking lot in one of the biggest malls in this city. Walking into his buddy's office, he didn't notice the elated stare of the girls who come across him. Actually, it's not that he didn't notice it but frankly speaking he is used to it. It happens that when he arrives at the doorstep of his buddy's office, the door wasn't locked and it's slightly ajar so he can see that Robert is sitting in front of his laptop. So without knocking he pushes the door and peeps his head before going inside. When Robert notices someone at his door he raises his head and broke a wide smile at his buddy. " Wow! The biggest CEO is paying a visit in my office, so what brings you here Josh?" mixed with excitement Robert said to him while shaking his hand as greetings then gesture his friend to have a set. Hearing Roberts words Josh said, "It's Saturday and you're still working, why don't you accompany me later, let's just have some time to relax. What do you think?" Squinting a little Robert's mouth twist with a smile, " Why is that I found it weird in you? and.." before he can finish what his about to say he was interrupted " No..I just wanna have some time to hang and maybe meet a new friend...? Said josh while slightly blushing face. "Hmm" all Robert could answer to his friend while nodding his head. But in his mind, he seems to catch a glimpse of what Josh thinking but he doesn't want to expose this man. Then looking at his friend he said " see you at the Shades Bar later". Hearing that " See you there buddy " then he stood up and leave his friend with a doubtful expression on his face.

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