My Ordinary Love
My Ordinary Love
Author: EnjDy

Chapter 1

It's Sunday and tomorrow is the first day of school after the semestral break. The eighteen-year-old girl is busy preparing her luggage to bring back to the city where she's now pursuing her management course. Cass Lim is a loner person, she doesn't want to make many friends. She has only one close friend that she meets during her third year in the said university. She just comes from an ordinary family that cannot afford to buy leisure things for themselves. Cass's dream in life is to become one of the successful individuals someday. she has a simple and pretty appearance, fair skin that she inherits from her Chinese great grandparents, black and shoulder-length hair that makes her looks unnoticed in just one glance. After saying goodbye to her parents she trotted to the nearest bus station going to city A.

Traveling all day can be tiring so after putting her things orderly, she drowns herself in the bathroom. Done cleaning herself she climbs up in her bed and immediately drifted to sleep.


In the west part of city A, a tall handsome young man was standing on the balcony of his room looking at the beautiful night view of the neighboring place across his villa. It's been 4 years that he left this city to study abroad. And now he needs to go back right after his graduation because the health of his father is getting worst day by day. Their business will be taken over to him and he doesn't have any other choice is to agree with it otherwise they would lost their many years of hard work establishing this company. Josh Stanley is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stanley who owns the so-called Stanley Manufacturing in city A. Its business nature is to manufacture a construction supply. Josh is a very good-looking man that every girl wishes to be with him. But because of his cold and aloof personality, nobody has the nerve to approach him easily.

Standing for several minutes on the balcony Josh felt tired and began to feel sleepy. Striding towards his king-size bed Josh sigh and turn off his bedside lamp then lays down to sleep.


The long night of slumber is over, Cass was awakened by the ringing of her alarm clock which she usually set to make sure she won't be late with her class in the morning. After having light breakfast, readying herself for the first day of school in her last semester before graduating, she waited for a taxi on the roadside not far from her apartment. While standing on the roadside her mind is wandering somewhere she didn't notice the luxury car is running so fast, it's about to pass by, and there's a small part of the uneven road near where she's standing which has water stock on it cause by the light rain last night. She was surprised by the sudden feeling of wet in her upper part when the luxury car passes in front of her. Lowering her head to take a look at herself she immediately frowns and cast a death glare at the disappearing car while she can't help but curse the driver of that car only in her mind. Luckily the water that splashes in her uniform is not that dirty it can be clean by just wiping some tissue on it. Inside the taxi despite her frowning face, she looks outside the window and accidentally sees the towering building of Stanley manufacturing which she also dreams to work in that big company someday. While looking at it she catches a glimpse of the luxury car without her knowing she curse the person whoever driving that car.

The taxi stopped in front of the school, Cass paid the driver then got out and follow the crowd of student who was also going inside the campus.


Meanwhile, Josh wakes up 30 minutes later than his usual waking time. So by the time he wakes up he is pushing himself to go to their company because today is his first day being the CEO of Stanley manufacturing, every department was obligated to attend the meeting in order to report the company status for him to be aware of everything related with their company. He is driving his car faster than he thought. His mind was occupied with the matters in the company forgetting his surroundings while on his way. Arriving at the company he parks his car in the reserve parking area for him then got out. He directly goes inside the elevator to his office floor. He was greeted by his secretary informing him of his schedule for the day. He just nodded his head before entering his spacious office. Looking around his office he sighs and sat down on his set while opening his laptop. After 30 minutes he heard someone knocking on his office door; he answered, " come in". Peeking his head in the door Ted said, " Sir the meeting was about to start in 5 minutes". Without looking at the speaking person, he just said, " got it ". Then he began to stand up and proceed to the other door going to the conference room next to his office.


The long day is over Cass immediately goes home to her apartment after class is done. She cooks instant noodles and eats them coupled with a biscuit as her dinner. Then began to do her homework and was assigned part of their thesis. She lost track of time and she fell asleep without her knowing while doing her assignments.

She was tired of her first day because she overloads her subject in order to cope up her subject that she hasn't got last semester because her enrollment fee was delayed that cause her not to be able to enroll all the subject for the first semester.


At 9 pm in the evening, Josh is walking in the parking area when he got a call from his mother telling him to come over to their ancestral home to join them for a family dinner. Without hesitation, he agrees to his mother's request. Arriving at their ancestral home, Josh got out of his car silently and entered the living room where he saw his mother smiling while looking in his direction. With his emotionless aura he said, " Mom, I know you miss me but seeing your smile like that it gives me a goosebump sensation". Glancing at her son Estella rolled her eyes to her son, " Son, you are now the CEO of our family company I am looking forward to the day that you will introduce a girl to be my daughter-in-law ", Estella said affectionately. But before Josh could respond to his mother, his father interupted him, " Don't rush your son, Estella, for now, you will just focus on running our company, when you already familiarize every detail in our business then you can think of finding your future wife". Just then the maid entered and said, "Master, madam, young master your dinner is ready" then the maid immediately left. They all stood up and make their way to the dining room. The family of three enjoyed their meal happily. 

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