Chapter 36

The days had passed as quickly as the blinking of our eyes, and every day working and talking to Josh makes us even closer to each other, like best friends sharing some life experiences, giving each other advice, sometimes talking and laughing to each other. But all of that, I did not realize until now. I just go with the everyday flow of my life. When we forgot to check the time and realize it later, it was already dozens of days that we missed to count. Today is not an exception, it is more than dozens of days had passed because today is the thirtieth day of the month. And it's Josh's birthday that she ask me to organize in advance which I already did. I hope nothing went wrong and the birthday party will be successful hopefully. I was preparing myself in my room sitting in front of my vanity mirror. I put on light makeup and lipstick which is not exactly red just the right color for my complexion. I dressed in a rosewood silk dress, that has the thinnest straps that hung quite lo

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