Chapter 37

Josh POV

I began to panic when I saw her unreadable expression after hearing what I ask her. I choose this time to make it as a gift for my mother. I know my mother was longing for this matter and now that I let her witness this I'm sure she would be happy. I can also see that my parents are okay if Cass will be my girlfriend. She is just staring at me without moving which made my panic grow even more. I saw her blink her eyes and look around her then back at me. She stands up while her eyes are still fixed on mine, that's the time that I walk towards the place where she is. I was afraid that she would run away from here. When I am in front of her I put my hands on her shoulder," Please? Give me a chance to prove myself that not all people that have the status like me are judgemental, bad-tempered. I promise I won't hurt you," I pleaded. " Okay," is all she uttered but it's just fine for now later I have all the time to confirm it. " Is that mean you accept to be my girlfrie

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