Chapter 128

“Finally! I have been waiting for this day for to long now. It is a shame that I do not have the time to take out your little minions but taking you off the face of this world will have to be enough for now. How did you manage to call the police? I have a phone jammer around this property.” Ruby said with sadness, excitement and confusion all wrapped in one. At that moment I felt like an idiot. Why didn’t a single one of us, especially Jennifer, think to try and call for help? It had to be because of the adrenaline we all were experience. If she really does have a phone jammer around my house than it would have been useless regardless. Kyle could have deactivated it with his equipment if it was not out in his van outside.

“Surprisingly it was not a single one of us. You are a fucking idiot to think you can booby trap our exits and when we activated one that a neighbor wouldn’t call it in. Aunt Pamela really must have dropped you on your head one to many times. I feel so sorry for you
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