Chapter 127

I was too scared to open my eyes or move. The back of my head was throbbing something awful, but I barely noticed it because of the wet feeling I had between my legs. I could hear Shane and Natasha by my sides, but I couldn’t make out a word they were saying. No, it was more like trying to listen to some one while I was under water. Slowly but surely their words started making sense to me. They both were trying to tell me to open my eyes and that I was okay. Didn’t they see my water broke or that something happened to the babies, and I was bleeding?

I tried to find my voice, but it wouldn’t come to me. I finally focused all my strength to open my eyes. I forced my eye lids to rise, and I stared up at the ceiling blinking a few times. At first my vision was blurry probably caused by the knock to my head. But after blinking a few times I began to see clearly. I turned my head sideways and looked at Shane. “How bad is it? Was it my water that broke or is it blood I am too afraid to look.
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