Chapter 13

Current Location: Outside my house at four sixteen Jefferson Street

I asked Shane if he wanted me to deal with Ruby and he said no. "Babe eventually I will have to talk to her about moving out and getting the marriage annulled. You should go ahead and head inside I will talk to Ruby and be in as soon as possible I promise."

Shane and I both got out of the car. I grabbed the groceries, and I headed inside while Shane went over to Ruby’s car. I made it to my kitchen and a text came through on my phone. I opened my messages and was curious as to why Ruby was sending me a text when she was pretty much right outside my door. "Em can you come out and talk to me after Shane comes inside, please?" More than anything I wanted to tell her no, but I knew if I did, she would just call anyway. If I did not answer Ruby’s call would call repeatedly until I did. I simply texted back "Sure" and left it at that.

I started unbagging the groceries and put the beer in the fridge. I started preparing dinner
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