Chapter 1

Current Location: Mothers House

"Why do I have to go to the wedding?! I hate Ruby and that bitch is marrying the man I want!" I looked at my mother April with hate in my eyes. This was so unfair this insignificant bug was about to marry Shane. MY SHANE!! He is supposed to be with me. I have endured him being with her for five years now and he always promised he would leave that whore. I felt like such a dipshit at that moment.

Everyday when this tramp went off to work where was he? With me! Who did he call when she was being an asshole? Me! Who did he call when she would not put out? Me! Who was it that gave him the names for their three children because they could not decide? Oh right that was also me!

And instead of him leaving her like he was supposed to Noooo he is marrying the damn bitch! "I can not leave her it would destroy our children you know that Em. I can not be the bad guy in their eyes. Nothing between you and I is or has to change I love you, you know that babe. You must understand that what is best for my children will always come first. You understand why I have to make this difficult decision, why I have to do this right?"

That is what Shane said to me over the phone the night before. I was so mad and in a fit of rage I threw my phone across my living room and it smashed through a window. oops. I swore right than and there Ruby is going to have to be put in her place. I will not stop until she pays for all of this.

"Emma calm down. Why are you so upset? You are the one who said you never wanted to get married and besides he already has a life with her. They are already a family with three children no less." My Mother tried to pursued me knowing it would be a lost cause.

"I am pissed off because now I am going to have to get rid of her! The man I love will not be a married man for long. I am going to destroy her. When I am done with her there will not even be scraps of her left for the dogs to scavenge!" I viciously spat out.

Some times my Mother was a stupid fucking idiot. She knows how my mind works after all I got my scheming and personality from her so she should know where my thoughts are!

"Emma, what exactly do you mean by get rid of her? Tell me you are not planning on killing her, I raised you smarter than that." I could tell from my mothers face that she completely believed I was capable of murdering Ruby. I could also tell she was extremely frightened by the thought.

"Of course not I am just going to destroy her little by little, do not be so dramatic Mother. I am simply going to break Shane and Ruby up, destroy her reputation, her job, her relationships with everyone, and eventually the last nail in the coffin when her kids address me as mom instead of her!" That last part was not crucial though. In fact that scares the living day lights out of me, and I am so not ready to be someones mom.

" Oh, is that all. Why not handicap her as well since you are taking everything else." My Mother mockingly said while rolling her eyes. A thought crossed my mind at that moment. A very devilish idea. Thanks to my Mother and her "Persuading" and worry a new plan was brewing in my mind. No I will not be killing her, but she is just going to wish I did. HaHaHa

"Ruby is your cousin Emma. You have to go to the wedding I demand it." My Mother glared at me with her end of discussion face. When she puts her foot down there is no going against her wishes. I sighed and said " Fine but if I can not handle it and I lose my shit you will be the one to blame!" I angrily said between clenched teeth. "Fine dear." My Mother said indifferently.

"Mother, can I have your phone please so I can call Lucas to drive me to to the dress store since I apparently need one for a dreadful wedding. I also need to go get a new phone since Shane made me break mine." I stated in a bored tone. My Mother handed me her phone and I called my driver and personal assistant Lucas.

"Lucas come grab me from Mothers I have some errands to run." Lucas hesitated for a moment before replying "of course Ma'am, but I wanted to inform you that your cousin Ruby stopped by the office. She said that she would love for you to be her maid of honor Friday." I closed my eyes as my blood started to boil. When it rains it pours. But a sly smile slowly spread across my face as I realized that my plans can start the day of the wedding instead. Watch out skank here I come!

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