My Own Worst Enemy
My Own Worst Enemy
Author: Lizzie_Lane


Current location: unknown

Hello dear readers. My name is Emma and if you’re reading this I seriously fucked up! Excuse my language but there just is not a better word to describe it.

I made some of the worst choices I have ever made in the span of only three weeks, and just in case these choices caused my death I am writing this down for you to read. By doing so I hope I can prevent others from making the same mistakes.

I lied, cheated, stole, and yes even killed!! All because I believed I was better than everyone else.

I was rude, arrogant, and I treated everyone around me like little dolls I could manipulate and make to do my biding, but I made one fatal mistake....

I crossed the wrong woman and for that I believe I have sealed my fate. From her I took her husband, her three children, and her sanity. I created the psychotic monster she would soon become.

She completely lost everything and when someone losses everything what does that person do? They seek revenge of course.

Now if you came here for a love story or a happy ending you came to the wrong place. If you did I suggest you close this book and walk away now because the only thing you’re going to get here is tragedy, heartbreak, and violence.

If you choose to continue to keep reading my last will and testimony I hope you will learn not to be a conniving bitch like I was.

You will learn about the ins and outs of my mind and how I did not let a thing stand in my way. You will learn about the way I treated the ones I loved and how I screwed each and every one of them over. Most importantly you will find out how I died and what my actions cost not only me but everyone around me.

Get ready it is going to be a bumpy ride. Let me start at the beginning....

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