chapter 2

Current Location: Phone store

"I told you five times already I just want all of my information from my old phone transferred to the new phone! I do not want a new number, and I do not want to start new service. I am just replacing my old phone because it got damaged. Why is that so hard to get through your thick skull." I glared at the phone store associate and wondered how many times he got dropped on his head as a child. On second thought he has that look of a person who is an all day and night toker. Why do I always get all the idiots? "Right away Ma'am I apologize for my previous confusion."

After another fifteen minutes I finally had my new activated phone in hand and was heading back to the car when my phone started ringing. I looked down and saw that Shane was calling me. And as annoyed as I was with him, I could not stop myself from answering his call.

"In what way are you planning to break my heart today, Shane Donaldson." I scolded him coldly.

"Babe, do not be like that I explained to you last night why I had to do it. You and I are going to be okay I promise." He pleaded with me. I smiled and then informed him "Yes we will be perfectly alright, but I am not so sure about your soon to be wife. Did you know she had the audacity to ask me to be her maid of honor?"

He sighed and said" Yes, her mother’s splendidly stupid idea. You told her no, right?" Rolling my eyes, I thought if only it was that easy my love. "Unfortunately, no, my darling Mother is demanding me to go to the wedding so if I have to be there anyway might as well. Plus, that gives me a chance to ruin her wedding and being her maid of honor is going to make it so much easier!"

"BABE be serious! Ruby cannot know about us it will ruin everything. Especially my children’s world."

"I never said I was going to tell her about us, just that I plan on sabotaging her night. Do not worry it will not interfere with her saying I do. Okay enough talk for now I love you bye!" As I was hitting the end call button, I heard him saying "Fuck what ar..."

I chuckled to myself as I got in the car behind Lucas. “Is something funny Ma'am?" Lucas asked curiously. I just shook my head with a smile on my face. Lucas would not understand it, he never gets anything i find amusing.

"Where to now Ma'am?" "I guess I better go inform My cousin Ruby that I will be her very unhappy maid of honor." I said with frustration.

twenty minutes later we pulled up to Ruby’s office. As I entered Ruby looked up from her desk and smiled like I was her favorite person in the whole world. Though I returned the smile, inside all I wanted to do was punch her in her smug mouth and break her jaw.

"Emma why did you not tell me you were coming by, I would have had someone to go out and deliver lunch to us." with the fakest smile I could muster I said" Thanks Ruby but I cannot stay. Apparently, I have maid of honor duties to attend to!"

"Seriously Em! You mean it? Oh my Goodness I am so excited. Well all I really need from you is for you pick up my dress and all the bridesmaids dresses, and of course plan the Bachelorette party for Thursday night!" Ruby beamed at me with a sparkle in her eye. disgusting. I took a deep breath than said " No problem just send me the details and I will handle it. I am on vacation for the next two weeks so anything you need just ask."

After saying our goodbyes I headed back to the car and instructed Lucas to drive me home. It was time for me to lay out the beginning of my plan and cause some mischief.

The next morning

Last night after opening a bottle of wine and planning out the ways I'm going to ruin Ruby’s wedding night, I took a long hot shower before crawling in to bed for a well-deserved rest. After falling fast asleep before I knew it, I was being woken up by my phones annoying alarm going off.

Feeling groggy I stretched got out of bed threw on my bath robe and went to the kitchen to brew myself a pot of coffee. As I waited for the coffee to brew, I checked my phone for any emails or messages I may have missed while I was asleep.

Ruby sent me the information of where to pick up all the gowns for her, myself, and her two best friends Dede and Shelly. It is a small boutique called Simple Etiquette. And the type of Bachelorette party she wants, she insisted I get ideas from Dede and Shelly since they know her better.

I sneered and thought to myself " You delusional piece of trash what makes you think I will give you anything you want. Just you wait by the end of your Bachelorette party you will not know who to trust, Let alone want either Dede or Shelly at your wedding!

As for her gown and the bridesmaid dresses my plan will make her crack at the seams, and she is going to wind up turning into a bridezilla. I decided that I better call Simple Etiquette and get the first part of my plan started.

"Simple Etiquette, Marcus speaking how may I assist you today?" I smiled and answered, "Oh my goodness hi there this is Dede calling on behalf of Miss Ruby Saxton, and she wanted me to call and make sure her order will be ready today for her maid of honor Emma to pick up."

Respectfully Marcus said" Of course Let me read her order back to you so I can make sure you are satisfied, one moment. Ah ok here it is miss Saxtons gown a floor length beige dress with a v neck cut size three. And three silver bridesmaid dresses sizes two four and five. All four dresses will be ready for pickup by noon today does that work for miss Emma?"

I pretended to be shocked and replied," Oh no no no this will not do." "Miss Dede is something wrong?" Marcus asked with a slight shake in his voice. "Well, no unless you think the dresses being the wrong sizes and colors as something wrong! “I have to admit this was more fun than I thought it would be.

"What?" he shouted nervously from the other end of the line." I swear on my business we will fix it and have the order ready by three p.m. today please send me the sizes and colors so I can make this horrible mistake fixed. I promise miss Dede everything will be to your specifications." A wicked smile spread across my face.

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