The Countdown Begins

…Becca POV…

What I feared has happened, Jenni has dragged me into her room just before sunrise to start getting me ready for a wedding that is only happening in eight hours. By the looks of her, it seems that she has not slept a wink. So I refrain from making any comments and allow her to pull at my head in every direction to get the perfect do that, as she says, will complement my face and, of course, my dress.

After what seems like at least three hours, she looks at me very satisfied in the mirror and nods at her creation.

Next is my wedding dressing, now if I thought that this would be easier, well, it is an understatement. If it is not bad enough that they cannot tuck my breasts in properly, which seems to have grown overnight, she pushes and pulls until she is it in one perfect spot.

With only but an hour two spare, she slips into her dress, and we look at each other, then of course Jenni has to say something, and there goes my make-up

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