Sensations Of Pleasure

She feels so soft, I just want to be near her, near her skin. I want to run my lips over her body. I want to feel her heart throbbing through her veins. But most of all I want to taste her, I want to sink my teeth down into her neck. I know I must let go but I can't, I can't pull myself away from her skin.

I hear her softly whisper my name, "Josh."

"Ssshh Becca. Just a minute."

She closes her eyes and I can see she is getting as much pleasure as I do from it. What if I just prick her once, once I am sure she will not notice it.

She leans her head back against the wall and let me roam her neck. I cannot keep it in anymore. I crave her, not the hunger to feed but the hunger to please. I want to take her body to a height of pleasure that she will never experience from a mortal man.

As my lips run slowly down from the tip of her ear down the bare of her neck to the edge of her shoulder, I can see her body slightly shiver. I know it's not from the cold

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