14. Sweetheart

The next morning, I found myself eagerly walking to school. It was perhaps the first time in years that I was looking forward to it, and the reason for it was my Professor. I felt a slight sting at the remainder, but I didn’t let it affect my mood. I rarely felt good about something, so I let myself relish it while I still could. My spirits were up all through the day, and when it was finally time for my combat class, nervousness began to creep in.

As I walked into class, I noticed that Marcus had arrived earlier than usual. He was talking to a bunch of students, probably giving them tips as to how to train better. My eyebrows shot up in response. So it was going to be a one-on-one thing today. I smirked at the thought.

A few moments later, Asher and Leslie walked in together, but I didn’t bother sparing them a glance. After the stunt Asher had pulled yesterday, I realized that he didn’t deserve my attention at all. After successfully humiliating me in front of our entire school, h
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