15. Addictive attention

For the remainder of the class, I tried to steer clear of Marcus, and thankfully, he hadn’t tried to talk to me either. He was so busy training others in the class that he hardly had time to come back to me. I was thankful for it, for I didn’t know what I would do had I been subjected to any more of his attention. To be frank, his attention was addictive. The more I received it, the more I wanted it.

How was I to battle such attraction? I knew for a fact that he was completely off limits to me. He was my professor, for crying out loud. Not to mention, I don’t even know if he liked me back. Sure, he was extremely helpful and sweet to me all these days, but that could just have been his personality. His actions do not necessarily confirm anything about his feelings for me.

Once the class was done, I quickly hurried to the girls locker room to change out of my training gear. I still had to return his jacket, but I was beginning to wonder if it could wait. After what happened in class t
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Nana Leger
I'm loving Marcus character, so far so good with this story.

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