Chapter Four:

| Hollis |

After spending just over an hour re-packing Whitney's three suitcases plus her carry on, the girls were finally heading back to Hollis' with two heaping plates of mashed potatoes, corn, and chicken. As Whitney prepared to lock the door, her lover leaned against the side of the house with a drowsy smile.

"You got everything West Coast?"

"Yep! Thanks to you, baby." Whitney's thick black bun bounced slightly as she jangled the door, then stooped to grab her newly organized Michael Kors bag. Hollis had already loaded the rest, and their dinner had been stashed underneath the back seat safely.

"Don't discredit yourself; I watched your cute little butt hustling in there. Oh, can you drive? I'm so fucking tired." The blonde yawned as she stretched in place. That much was true, but it was more of an emotional and mental exhaustion. Hollis had completely forgotten about sending Whitney that text, and refused to bring the mood down by telling

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