Our Young Funny Voices

Our Young Funny Voices

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*Abandoning ship isn’t my style. It wasn’t hers either, but our circumstances ripped us apart. Now it’s not just a literal ocean standing between us. Francine Chirilova has no direction. After coming out of the closet leaves her without a family at age 18, the quick witted 25 year old has been forced to survive on her connections and kind personality. Throw in a rapidly decreasing appetite and a tendency to gravitate toward abusive women for a epic shit show. While recovering from her latest 4 year long mistake, she makes a strong, yet unlikely connection with her virtual best friend. Que in recovering alcoholic Vasilisa Krovopuskova, aged 26 from Siberia, Russia. After surviving a grueling upbringing on her own, trust is a difficult concept to grasp. Already having experienced heartbreak once before, she wasn’t looking for anything serious when Francine crash landed into her life via an online sanctuary for lesbians. With an ocean separating the two, neither Francine nor Vasilisa know which direction to swim in. Will they stay on their side of the world, or drown trying to get to the other? *Disclaimer* - Strong mature content. 18+, please Book one. To follow is book two: “Our Blank Canvas.”

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Akashia Grei
It was an inspiring story of love and acceptance! And love doesn't stop even you are far from each other, this reminds me love is powerful!
2021-04-09 11:25:49
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Him First
i really love yourou stories in inkitt, but its says that the complete story is here, the thing is the other chapter is unlock hahahahah. so sad ? i wanna crrryyyyy?? im just new here so i don't have coins to unlock it hahahah.
2020-11-04 12:10:10
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Sally Ferguson
Very well written!!!!!!
2020-09-17 17:48:28
user avatar
Very interesting!
2020-09-15 13:13:01
user avatar
I love this book!!!
2020-09-14 21:56:24
Prologue/Chapter One:
Prologue“...I’m not giving up on you.” I was almost yelling into the phone. Vasha’s radio silence sent chills down my spine.“Please say something...” I pleaded softly. I heard her sigh in exasperation.“You already have. Farewell.”The line disconnected and I dropped to the floor, wallowing in my own grief. My heart pounded so hard I thought it’d jump out of my chest any second. Tasting my own salty tears, I made no effort to stop crying.Command me to be wellAmen, Amen, Amen....Take me to churchI’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies;I’ll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knifeOffer me that deathless death;Good God, let me give you my life...- Hozier********************
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Chapter Two:
I met Vasilisa about four months ago on a stupid dating app for lesbians. It’s not necessarily used for that purpose, but it’s something to do while I juggle work, Liza’s constant bitching and the bitterness I harbored toward Katie. That’s what I’m best at. Distracting myself. Honestly though, I never thought I’d get acquainted with someone actually worth meeting.Vasha is from Siberia, Russia and resides in the smaller town of Tobolsk. It’s cold, dreary and miserable even when the sun is out. Vasha says the sun mocks her as it shines bright in the sky, but never warms her pale skin. I wish I could let her borrow Arizona’s sun. I’m sure we could all use a break from heat stroke out here.I didn’t respond to the message right away. She always bums me out, leaving me hanging for days before popping back up. We’ve been friends for a minute, now, but I always feel something else when I talk to her.
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Chapter Three:
The days that followed were pretty weird, and that's putting it lightly.After Liza swore up and down she was getting rid of Max since he backed out of the engagement the night we caught a flick at the Theaters, she came crawling back to the apartment on her knees begging him to reconsider. I didn’t get it, but she didn’t get my life either. I suppose separating yourself from the situation really comes in handy when you need it to. Which is exactly what I’d been doing. Pulling doubles at work, getting lost in any task involving bathing, drying, and primping up dogs for their doting owners. Katie was constantly blowing my phone up, and ignoring her was getting to be a massive pain in my ass.We hadn't spoken much since the last time we fucked, and I wasn't looking forward to exchanging words. Couldn't she just leave me alone? That'd be worlds easier than having to dodge her constantly.“Any plans this weekend, Franie?&rdq
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Chapter Four:
I didn't sleep that great, and was dragging ass to get ready for work the next afternoon. The truth was, I felt guilty and didn't feel like concentrating on anything except for my racing thoughts. Despite everything that happened, I couldn't help but feel like this was all my fault. I knew Katie and I weren’t good together and had no business continuing any type of contact after we broke up. Especially not a sexual arrangement, but here I was several months later. Doing just that. She’d made the last four 1/2 years of my life a living hell and I'd been more than happy to move out once it was all said and done.So what was I doing? Why couldn’t I just call her and end it, like Liza suggested multiple times? Was I afraid of confrontation?No, it's because I’m a coward. No way around it. I took a deep breath, smoothing out my bather’s smock as I began walking out of my room in a hurry. I wasn'
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Chapter Five:
I considered playing dumb, but I knew it was useless. If Liza was asking you something, she already knew the answer. I didn’t doubt she knew exactly who Vasha was. I felt my cheeks get hot, and I fiddled with a frayed string near the pocket of my checkered pajama bottoms. Keeping my back turned, I replied; “What's to tell? She's a friend. A good friend...” I sounded a lot more collected than I felt.“Really, that's it? Weeeeelll, she’s liking a lot of your pictures on Facebook, for being “just a friend.” Liza teased playfully, and handed me her Samsung Galaxy to see for myself.I snatched the phone out of her hand so fast, then.What gives? Vasha said she didn’t have a Facebook.I immediately clicked on her profile. It was empty, aside from a few hilarious looking cat videos. Must’ve been made recently. I clicked on her profile picture, and Liza craned her n
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Chapter Six:
Roughly a week later, I finally had some time to Skype Vasha without interruption. We'd been almost inseparable since the night she asked me to keep our video chat running through sweet WhatsApp messages, and I'd gotten in the habit of sending most of mine through voice since she was always asking to hear it. In general, we both knew we were growing closer but rather than point it out we were just enjoying it for now. I couldn't complain and wouldn't anyway. Aside from working, eating, and sleeping when I could, Vasilisa was quickly becoming the center of my Universe. “How do you curse in English, detka?” Vasha covered her growing smile with a pale hand and giggled into it. I loved how the corners of her striking green eyes turned up slightly when she smiled.“If I tell you, you can’t laugh.” I teased, making light of the fact she couldn’t stop laughing at any English words I had been trying to teach her for
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Chapter Seven:
One month later “Are you really sure you want to leave?” Liza looked on from the doorway as I shoved clothing by the fistful into my oversized maroon suitcase.“You knew I was moving out for like three weeks, dude.” I gave a lighthearted laugh, and used my weight to shut the top of my suitcase. I’d have stayed forever if it weren’t for Max continuing to treat my best friend like shit. I just couldn’t be around that anymore. Besides, at least Liza wouldn’t have to cover for me when Katie continued to show up, unwanted. Which happened more often than either of us could tolerate. I wound up having to change my number and banned her from all my Social Media accounts, but she just wouldn’t quit. At least threatening to call the police got her to stop popping up at my work.“I know...it just sucks I don’t want you to go, Ceen.” Liza mumbled, and I glanced over.
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Chapter Eight:
A little over a month later“Why did we start doing this!? I'm so fucking stupid.” Vasha was screaming at me, violently throwing her head back to down a shot of vodka while I sat in stunned silence. She was acting so unpredictable, I wouldn't have even needed to see the half full bottle of liquor that was sitting on her desk to know she was completely wasted. From the looks of it, my girl was on a bender with no intention to stop. Her black hair was disheveled and her dark sweater seemed loose from yanking and pulling on it. Vasha narrowed her eyes at me viciously when all I did was drop my jaw from the whiplash.“ANSWER ME!” She screeched, accusing me of sleeping with everyone I know and calling me a bitch. I winced from her words as she continued without missing a beat. “Why would you do this to me? I love you Francine. Who are you fucking? Katie? Or is it Liza!?” She waile
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Chapter Nine:
I was so out of it by the time I had to be at work, it's an honest to God miracle that I could concentrate on my tasks without fucking anything up too badly. Near the middle of my shift, I fumbled with a few tools and wound up losing my grip on something. I silently cursed as I heard it clang onto the tile floor beneath my feet.Shit. “You good, Francine?” Krystal, one of the early morning groomers stooped to retrieve a brush I dropped before I had the chance to look around for it. She stood up and offered to hand it over.“Yeah. Just tired....thanks.” I mumbled, not even bothering to take it back. I grabbed another one from my drawer and began gingerly brushing out knots in my Yorkshire terrier client, Lolly.“If you say so. I’m here if you wanna talk, girl.” Krystal nodded at me, and stashed the brush next to my station before disappearing behind the heavy plastic doors to get
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Chapter Ten:
I felt bad rushing Liza through our dinner rendezvous, but I made up for it by filling her in on what went down with Vasha.“Sooo....she got drunk and fought some random stranger at a bar? Three days after your fight?” She cocked a fair brow and folded her hands neatly on the table. When I didn’t say anything, she continued, “and now, she’s asking you to call her for the details? I don’t know, Ceen....she sounds like a handful. Already. You haven’t even met her yet!"Of course I knew how this looked. Vasha was fun....she knew her way around a great joke, and her taste in music was impeccable. It’s what made us friends, but that’s not why I fell in love with her. She was broken. Broken people gravitate toward me and had all my life. I’d learned more about her over the last month than in the little over half a year we’d been acquainted. I didn’t want to share Vasha’s secrets w
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