Chapter Two: The Meeting


The vibration of my phone snaps me back to reality and I do not need to check my screen to know who is calling.

"Mamma, di cosa si tratta, sono occupato?" I hiss into the phone on loud.

"Non è questo il modo di parlare a tua madre Adrian" She half laughs but I know she doesn't mean it so I cut her before she starts her lectures. 

"Sto guidando". That is all I say knowing very well that she will get the understanding. 

"I hear you. Don't forget the breakfast at home tomorrow." 

"I got it. Have enough rest."

One would think that the traditional meals we have are actually to catch up as a family but it's far from it. The idea of a warm family died with my father. Now all that is left is business. Every Week we meet to discuss…

Who needs to pay us back and how…

Who wants to become an enemy? 

New profits. 

This is very normal for a ruthless mafia family like mine. Speeding through the streets, I decide to stop by one of my bars unannounced. News reached me that there is a resistance going on and someone is sharing a bed with our enemy. I intend to find the mole myself.

The moment they see my car coming in the entire queue is removed. They quickly drag everyone out and close all doors as my guards stand by the door right behind the man I assume runs this side of town.

Straightening my well-tailored suit, I nod to them and enter right through the main door instead of the VVIP but no one dares to remind me. 

"I want the whole place cleared and empty within 5 minutes."

"Yes sir, right away, Sir." 

Taking a seat by the lounge, four women dressed as my whores stand before me.  

‘’The blonde one’’ Is all I say as the rest of them leave. I don’t make love. I fuck. Hard and I don’t fuck the same woman twice neither do I kiss women because it makes me feel like I’m getting attached.

After a quick release, fix myself and take a sit now ready to get down to business.

I’m a fucking Monster that I know. I choose, use, destroy then I kill.

"My visit is unplanned and I have better things to do than to sit here with you but I need to know that everything is working well. No one is going behind my back and all?" I ask icily.

"No one would dare to, Sir. Everything is going well." he responds quickly.

Too quickly.

"Good." Is all I say as I take my leave. He was too quick to sound sure. But my visit will definitely make someone uncomforatble enough to make a mistake and that is what am betting on.


The next morning:

Sitting across from my mother is the last place I want to be right now but I have no choice. 

"Will you hate me forever?" She asks, her eyes holding a pleading glint. 

I fucking hate that look. 

"I don't know, let's check in twenty years from now.” My response is as cold as ice… but I don’t give a fuck. 


"I’m really busy, what is the update?" I question, my jaw clenching. Being here gets on my nerves. 

"Information to be collected." She finally gives up trying to bond and gets straight to the point. 

I sneer at her words. Of course, it’s always been business for her. 

"Why the fuck would I waste my time on information you want?" I ask as I take out a cigarette and light it up. 

"They know who had your Father killed but am yet to get a lead on their names but soon i will. Also,the Bianchi family is willing to make a deal too,  join hands with them to use the information in their territory. The information they have will give you the answer you have been searching for half your life."

Her words hit me like a fucking hurricane. What the actual fuck?!

"I will not fucking join hands with anyone you suggest!" I yell, my eyes flashing dangerously as a wave of anger washes over me. 


"Why do you sound so sure they have what I want?" I shout, my deep voice echoing in the empty dining room. I have been hearing stories but this just proves my assumptions. 

"You are Capo dei Capi and that means allies are everything because you always have a target on your back. So ive been having some meetings to help you."

"Listen well because I will not say it again. I am your fucking King and if I don't assign something you don’t fucking do it because the next time you meet anyone without my approval i will take it that you have broken Omerta and wont hesitate to put a bullet through your head. " I growl anger following through my veins and all i can think of is red.

 Knowing my mother very well, one of her guards knew and didn’t alert me. For me that is betrayal and i never give a warning twice. She waited months to tell me about this because she wanted to use it as a weapon. Probably the one she was fucking. 

I stand and turn, cocking my gun and aim right for his heart.

Without hesitation, I pull the trigger and he drops dead, making my mother gasp.

"Adrian! - Please…"

"The next bullet might land on someone precious. Next time not even a second should pass before information gets to me am sure this will jog your memory. I hope I am loud enough," I threaten, hatred brewing within me. 

"Did you just threaten your mother?" She screams hysterically. 

Mother? That word makes me scoff. 

Killing that bastard must have gotten on her nerves. 


At least she knows i'm not fucking weak.

Money has always been more important to her. When faced with a choice, she chose wealth over her husband and now she is playing house with me which makes me so angry. She practically pulled the bullet that took my father from me. I am going to make those she made a deal with pay but I have promised her an eternity of misery.

"Calling me your son is a privilege, you don't have privileges!" With that, I walk out leaving the whole house unsettled. 

Someone had my father killed and hid it. I will find out who did it and when I do they will pay. Of course, after that, I will find out what deal was made and then I will come back for her. The depth of that will determine if she lives or dies by my hand. 


As I sit on my desk going through various documents I can barely concentrate without my thoughts drifting to what my mother is planning with the Bianchi and what she has promised them in return. 

Pinching the bridge of my nose I sit back and slightly close my eyes but my door bursts open and only my cousin Luca has those guts. 

"You really have a death wish." I say as I slowly open my eyes and find him grinning. 

"You look like shit." he half laughs as he takes a sit across me.

Luca is my enforcer and second in command. He is usually excited and talks a lot but I trust him and I know he would die for me. We have been inseparable since we were young and his crazy side is that he would laugh through torture. The bastard is made of insanity. 

" Get the fuck out Luca." I hiss not in the mood to play house with him. 

How do I tell him that my mother might be playing games and if she is guilty I will need to kill her?

Shaking his head he says "There is an Auction tonight. Let's go and buy some bitches as a disguise. We have no lead on what we want yet but every man in this criminal world will be there. So the king needs to be there too." he speaks convinced this is what we need to do.

"Not interested." I respond flatly.

"Marco Bianchi is visiting and will be there. This is the best chance we have to see what he wants from your mother." he speaks with emphasis and now this catches my eye."

"Fine. Let's do it." I say as I pull out a cigarette from my drawer and pull on it. 

What the fuck does Marco Bianchi want and why is he not afraid? 

Standing up from my chair, I aim on finding that out. 

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