Playful Fate

Playful Fate

By:  imeesyouuu  Completed
Language: English
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Yasha Reese Heuson, a Starlight Supermodel and a promising actress of her generation, is very passionate about everything she does. Enjoying the limelight of her career, sudden news strikes that instantly change her life - that is being linked to one of the youngest bachelors in town, Axis Ford Averion, whom at such a young age has already climbed the corporate ladder all the way to the top, making him one of the successful CEOs in the country. Their paths will cross because of the post tagged into Yasha's social media account, saying that she's engaged to Axis; which they soon realize that both of their social media accounts were hacked. Not wanting to ruin their public figures, they decide to pretend as a couple, hoping that after a month or two, the news will pass while they investigate the real motives of the hacker. Will their pretense relationship lead them to genuine affection? The question remains unanswered if the hacker has a dark agenda in sneaking into their accounts. In getting ahead of their uneventful lives, how will Yasha and Axis handle their playful fate?

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Kei Hofer
Hi, have you thought about expanding your work to other platforms?
2022-12-30 15:12:24
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Cute ng story😍
2021-04-27 18:52:18
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Keep writing author 😊
2021-04-07 09:06:09
123 Chapters
"Hey, Yasha Reese! Don't fill your cart! You are the one who's wasting my money here!" Aishi complained and I just rolled my eyes because of what she said. She's really a complainer.Is it my fault that she volunteered? Okay, she got her salary today and since she wanted to treat me, she brought me here in the mall and told me to buy whatever I want. I am just doing what she told me and now that my cart was filled with stuff, she's complaining."Why did you volunteer in the first place? Now, you're complaining?" I glared at her."I am telling you, when I lose money because of you, I will stay in your condo!" She hissed, emphasizing each word."Don't worry, the road is wide. You can stay there if you want, it's free," I responded, sounding seriously."Whatever! You have no heart!" She shouted at me but I didn’t bother to listen at her nags. She won't be losing money anyway. As if.Well, she's Aishi Joanna, my dearest best friend. In addition, she's
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"Ahhhhhhh!" My eyes got dazzled because of the light coming from that car. Terrified, I lose my balance causing me to be rooted on the floor, sitting pitifully. I closed my eyes as my heart is beating so fast and loud. Please, please, I don't want to die yet. I don't want to die here. I'm too young to die."Miss Yasha!" I heard the shouts of people running toward me. They sounded worried. I slowly opened my eyes and I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized that I'm still alive. I checked my whole body and thanks God, I am still alive."Miss, are you okay?" a guy who almost bumped me came out of his car. He sat to level his position on me and held my arm, maybe to check if I am okay, but I didn't answer him. I stood up and went inside his car instead."Oh God!" I breathe heavily when I sat inside. I thought I'm going to die today, but I am thankful to this guy. Even though he almost bumped me, he was of help, at least. Because of him, I was able to ge
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Since I'm curious, I ended up the call to open my account but geez, why it can't be opened? What happened? Why does it not want to open? I called Aishi again."Can't open it Aishi," I told her.[I will send you the pictures. Just wait.] Then she turned off the call.I looked outside the car. It's getting dark already. If earlier, I don't wanna go home. Now, I want to be at home at least.I looked at my phone again when it rang, but it wasn't my phone. Soon I realized that it belonged to this guy. Why do we have the same ringtone anyway? And the hell I care about that?"Mom," he said upon answering the call.[My God, son! Why did you lie to us?] Her mom, I think, wailed."What are you talking about Mom?" He asked curiously. Though, I can only him side view, his forehead was already crumpled.Okay, I am not eavesdropping to their conversation. It's just that his phone was placed on the dashboard and is set on a loudspeaker tone, and I'm
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"YOU?" I asked him unbelievably. He's the guy who tagged me with that post? Seriously? Tell me, is this some kind of joke? "Stop shouting, will you?" He shot back, sounded annoyed. Agh! "You stupid idiot! Why the hell are you doing this to me, huh?" I furiously asked him. He turned to me and his eyebrows almost turned to a one single straight line. "I don't know what you are talking about, woman!" He growled at me. "You don't know? Then what's the meaning of this?" Losing my patience, I handed him my phone and showed him the picture then I heard him cussed softly. "Fuck! I guess this is what my Mom says." He spoke softly and leaned back in his chair. So, that's it? That's just it? "Hey! Aren't you going to do something?" I yelled at him. This guy is really getting into my nerves now. "What do you want me to do?" He an
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This guy continued driving and I didn't bother to stop him from what he's planning. I will let his conscience kill him if he does something bad to me.Minutes of driving, I just realized that he turned on the left road and we passed by in a subdivision and minutes later, a large house appeared in front of us... that kind of a literal big house.The gate automatically opened then he parked his car at the garage and one of their maids approached us."Good evening Sir Axis," an old woman greeted this guy beside me and he just nodded."Good evening too Ma'am," she greeted me too when she noticed me and gave me a sweet smile."Good evening," I politely answered back. I do have some respect too. I'm just really rude when it comes to Aishi. Oh well, let's include this Axis as well.I looked at him when he walked inside the big house. He didn't even wait for me. Tss. What am I expecting from a guy like him?"My God, Axis! Why didn't you tell us that
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I had a dinner with Axis' family that night and had a short talk with them after that. Good thing they didn't ask me random questions while having a conversation with them because if that happens, I swear, it would be awkward knowing that it was the first time I met them. They just keep on complimenting me, that they were happy that I am their son's fiancee, their future daughter-in-law.After that conversation, they told me that their two guest rooms were not available yet because they had old things there and had not cleaned it yet. So Aunt Ally and Uncle Fordee told me to stay inside Axis' room and the worst thing is, they told us that it is okay for them if we make their grandchildren already. Seriously?Geez! Geez! Geez! How many times do I have to tell them that there is nothing between me and that stupid idiot Axis? "You! This was all your fault! If it was not because of that stupid post of yours, we would not be in this situation!" I can't help but to
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I slowly opened my eyes until an unfamiliar things welcomed me. When all my senses awaken, that's the only time when I realized I was in another room. Another room? I quickly stood up because of that realization. Where am I? What am I doing here? I roamed my eyes in this room. I even hit my head, trying to remember things as to how I got here."Hitting your head when you woke up? You look crazy," I quickly turned my attention to the person who spoke. My two eyes widened.It was Axis! Crap. So, I am not dreaming? Yeah, I guess I am not really dreaming because it was real... my real nightmare... And Axis is that nightmare.I narrowed my eyes on him while he was leaning on the window frame close to the bed with his arms crossed. I didn't even notice him when I woke up.Wait... as far as I remember, I slept on the couch. How come that I woke up in this bed? And don't tell me he's watching me the w
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"Mommy, that's not true!" Still, I denied."Tone down your voice Yasha Reese Heuson," Daddy disobeyed me. I sighed heavily, then I faced him."Daddy, that's not really true," my voice is almost pleading. Why they can't believe in me?"Sweetie, there is nothing wrong with that, okay?" Mommy's tone weakened and then she approached me and made me sit on the couch beside them. "I will be more glad hearing that you're engaged already. You're not getting any younger, Yasha. You need to settle down yourself now." She expressed while fixing some strands of my hair but what she uttered caused me to close my eyes.I'm actually getting tired of explaining everything here and there, yet they won't believe me in the end. "Mommy you know me. I have no time to think about my lovelife. And for Pete's sake, I just turned 25 last month. I am still busy with my modeling career, with the showbiz industry and in my restaurant. So please believe me this time, I am not
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"What the hell do you want?" I asked him as I sat on the chair in front of him. My eyes is automatically burning in fire now "You?" His eyes widened in shock when he realized that it was me. I just rolled my eyes. "I didn't know that you own this restaurant," he said in awe as he roam his eyes in the whole place."Now that you already knew that I own it, does my restaurant has something to do with you?" With his mere presence here, my blood starts to boil again. This guy went near me, bent a little and leveled his head on the side of my ear and whispered something."Relax there, woman," then he smirked at me and seriously, I wanna punch that smirk on his face. "Kyaaaaah!" I heard the screams of the customers. "The news is really legit.""They're a good match.""They look so lovely together."I want to puke because of what I'm hearing. They thought Axis is doing a sweet gesture towards me. They didn't know that we're just exchangi
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"YOU!" I turned to Axis. "This is all your fault!" He's the only one I could blame for this."How many times do I fucking need to tell you that I have no freaking idea about that news?!" He shot back, his jaw tightened and I can tell that he's also pissed, just like what I'm feeling towards him."Yash, Axis! Would you please calm down guys?" Aishi interfered with us. I just looked in the other direction and let out a deep breath again.This is so annoying!"Listen up. I know this may sound stupid, but I guess you need to go with the flow." Aishi suggested so I definitely turn my gaze to her. I narrowed my eyes on her."Don't tell me—""Yes. You need to pretend as a couple.""HELL NO!/FUCK NO!" Axis and I both opposed."Seriously Aishi? What kind of suggestion is that? Are you out of your mind?!" I gave her a death look. Is she insane? Me and Axis will pretend as a couple? Hell no!"Look. I understand your part guys," She said and
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