Pregnant After Rejected By Alpha

Pregnant After Rejected By Alpha

By:  Nina GoGo  Completed
Language: English
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When I woke up, I was and lying on a soft bed that wasn't mine, being held by a stranger whom I absolutely didn't recognize. At the same time, there was an intense pain between my legs, I nearly screamed out loud. Did I give my virginity to an unknown man?! ****************I am the youngest daughter of Silver Moon Pack's Alpha Aiden, and I have a twin sister. We look alike, but our destinies are completely different. She is a female warrior and is known as the next Alpha, while I am an Omega who cannot shift into a wolf, which is considered shameful by the Pack and my father. For 18 years, I have been guarding my virginity and waiting for my mate to appear and take me away until Blood Moon Pack Alpha's birthday, I had a one-night stand with the infamous Alpha Nicklaus, my father's enemy. When I found out he was my mate, I was rejected. I finally decided to hide it all, I got pregnant.

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To much repeating of the storyline… slows the story down where it just doesn’t flow- author needs to keep characters names the same throughout book
2023-10-01 15:07:30
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Delinda Schumacher
150 chapters 9-17-23
2023-09-18 11:12:46
default avatar
Ifah Anson
This book is soo awesome
2023-07-15 20:12:00
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Hayley Brazier
Started off so well, then when I purchased tokens to read more it was like the book was written by someone else, jumping back and forth. There’s no substance, it’s like reading a blurb.
2023-10-19 06:34:26
user avatar
Gayle Ecklund
Well, it started ok, but soon went downhill. Unfortunately, conversations were stilted and the flow just wasn't there. Read at your own risk.
2023-10-06 21:43:56
177 Chapters
Chapter 1 A handsome stranger
Gabriella's POV Fine... I never thought I would become like this. When I woke up, I was naked and lying on a soft bed that wasn't mine, being held by a very handsome stranger whom I absolutely didn't recognize. As if that wasn't bad enough, I don't remember what happened the night before. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, hoping and praying that it was just a dream. But when I opened them again, the tall and straight nose and sexy lips of a man greeted me. At the same time, there was an intense pain between my legs; I nearly screamed out loud. Did I give my virginity to an unknown man?! I don't know who he is or how we ended up in the room together. All I know is that the day before, my friend and I attended Blood Moon Pack Alpha's birthday party. Like everything else in my life, it feels like a complete nightmare. A FEW HOURS EARLIER I sat down in my room with my laptop, creating content as usual to post with my fake blogger name. I hate being around people; I love my room
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Chapter 2 Birthday party of Alpha
Gabriella's POV At Alpha Nicklaus's birthday party, we were granted passes to enter, but I found it difficult to breathe in this dress. Everyone wore masks so that no one would recognize each other, but I still felt out of place. I tried pulling my dress down to cover my skin, but Jane just started laughing. "Relax, girl. You look sexy in the dress, and stop making it weird by tugging at it like that. Do you want everyone's eyes on you?" "I told you this was a bad idea. When are we going home?" I questioned. "Home? We've only just arrived. Just relax and have fun. Here, take this." She handed me a glass of gin, but I declined. "You know I don't drink alcohol." "Come on, just a glass won't kill you. Don't you want to experience some fun? Now that you're out of your lonely room, this will help you socialize." She urged me, and to avoid more lectures from her, I decided to take a sip. "You're such a lightweight. Come with me. Let's dance." "Hell no, I'm okay sitting here." "You re
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Chapter 3 A guest house
Gabriella's POV I grabbed the blanket to cover his face and hit him hard before running away from his room with my heels in my hands. I still can’t believe I am running barefoot. I brought out my phone to call Jane, “Jane, where are you?” “I should be asking you; you just disappeared from the party.” “I don't know where I am.” I saw the name of the place I’m at: a guest house. Hell no, this is so embarrassing, but I need to tell her.“I am at the guest house close to the very club.” “A guest house? Wow, don’t tell me..” “Jane, please not now. Where are you? I need to leave here now. I can’t let anyone see my face and recognize me as the Alpha's worthless daughter.” “Calm down, I will come and get you now.” She said, ending the call. Before the young man catches me, I think I need to find a good place to hide to avoid getting discovered by him. This was really a bad idea from the beginning. If I can get out of here without being noticed, I promise, no more parties. I am done fo
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Chapter 4 Twin sister
Gabriella's POV “Gabby, are you okay?” I snapped out of my thoughts, and Tracy sat down next to me, placing her hand on my shoulder. “Sis, how long have you been here?” “Not too long. I noticed you seemed moody. Talk to me, what happened? Is it about Father?” “Not at all, sister. I'm feeling better. You don’t need to worry,” I assured her while forcing a smile. I rarely go out. My friend Jane told me that the werewolf world is divided into three packs: Blood Moon Pack, Black Moon Pack, and Silver Moon Pack. In the distant south, there also lives a group of witches. Among the three packs, the Silver Moon Pack is in the weakest position. So, I've always known that my father has a great deal of pressure as an Alpha. In the year I was born, my mother, Luna, was killed by an unknown rogue. My father has always suspected that it was the work of the Blood Moon Pack. My father desires for the Silver Moon Pack to become stronger, and his personality is becoming increasingly irritable, esp
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Chapter 5 Blood Moon Pack
Gabriella's POV I headed to my room to reflect on things and prepare for a bright, beautiful day tomorrow. I had decided to stay indoors and not go out, as planned. However, I must confess, it wasn't easy for me to endure my father and the pack members; I cried almost every night. My room's door opened, and without her saying a word, I knew it was Tracy. She had a habit of entering my room without knocking. "Sleeping beauty, it's time for our family dinner." I immediately sat up. "Is father there yet?" "Not at all. We still have five minutes. Let's get going. Or do you want to get scolded by him again?" "No, thank you, sister, for reminding me. I don't understand why I keep forgetting." "Well, you see, I always forget to knock, and you always forget about family dinner and training. We are twins, after all." "Yes, you are right." We walked to the dining table together and took our seats. When father walked in, and his eyes landed on me, I saw a spark of anger and resentment. "
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Chapter 6 The meeting room
Nicklaus's POV I stood in front of the mirror, getting dressed, when the Beta walked in. "Greetings, Alpha Nicklaus." "You don't need to be that formal, Martins. So, tell me, are they here?" I asked with a smile. "Yes, Alpha. The top members are waiting in the meeting room." "I see." I adjusted my tie, then I noticed the expression on his face. "Is there something I need to know before attending the meeting?" "Some of the elders are not pleased with your engagement to the first daughter of the Silver Moon Pack." "I knew it. They should be happy my mate is an Alpha as well. She is strong, a warrior, and most importantly, both tribes will be at peace. Let's go." I ordered, making my move, and he walked behind me. As soon as they noticed my presence, they all remained calm and showed respect. I took my seat and when they moved to sit, I stopped them. "Did I give the go-ahead for you to sit?" I questioned. "We are sorry, Alpha Nicklaus." "Just joking. Wanted to liven up the room.
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Chapter 7 Rejected
Gabriella's POV "What message?""Please kindly inform your Alpha that I was the one with him that night at the mask party. I am his mate, and he has mistaken me for my sister," I said to the Beta, but he burst into serious laughter."Why are you laughing?" I questioned and lost my boldness, looking down."You can't just walk in here and claim to be the Alpha's mate.""You have to believe me. I am not pretending at all. Everything I am saying is the truth. What would I gain from lying?" I questioned him politely.He took a deep breath and looked at me again. "Okay, fine. Sit here and wait while I inform the Alpha.""Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.""Don't thank me yet," he said and headed into the main building.I looked around, and wow, his home is so beautiful and spacious. I guess life here will be great, and I won't be ridiculed by his people.I thought about Tracy. What if she comes in here and meets me? Wouldn't she be offended? I hope she doesn't come, and when I get h
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Chapter 8 Pregnant
Gabriella’s POV I woke up the next morning with a cold, my clothes still soaked, and my hair drenched as well. Luckily, I spotted a taxi and immediately hailed it to head home. I stripped off my wet clothes, took a warm bath, and bundled up in thick garments to combat the cold that had settled in. I began sneezing as well. I suppose my father either didn't notice my absence in the house or he noticed and chose to ignore me. After all, his favorite daughter is marrying my mate. My cold worsened, causing me considerable discomfort. Fortunately, my sister entered my room, concern evident in her eyes. "Sis, you look so pale. What happened to you?" She moved towards me, inspecting my condition. "I got caught in the rain and I think I've caught a cold," I replied, still shivering beneath my blanket. "You silly girl, you know you're susceptible to colds when you get soaked. Why didn't you find shelter? You've worried me sick." "I'll be fine, sister. No need to worry. You should be gettin
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9. Alpha Nicklaus's Regret
Nicklaus's POV After the priest announced us as husband and wife, we kissed, and I felt a bit off. But anyway, she is my wife and Luna—I need to make her happy. The dance was called for, and we were meant to open the dance floor. "May I have this dance?" I asked. "Yes, my Alpha," she said with a smile. I remembered the first time I danced with her; I felt happy, and my heart kept beating very fast. Why am I not experiencing any of these signs while dancing with her now? Is it because I am expecting too much from her today, or is it because we got intoxicated that night? Well, I can't afford to ruin things. "Alpha, is everything okay?" she questioned. "Yes, everything is fine. I guess I am just too excited about today. Look at us—heroes and heroines of our packs. We brought peace," I decided to engage in a conversation, hoping it would help me. After the dance, we took our seats and watched others dance. I noticed the way the Beta of her father looked at her. Are they close or wh
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10. Wander
Gabriella’s POV I sat down, waiting for the fourth bus heading South among strangers. It feels good to be among strangers; I can breathe freely, and no one will ridicule me or call me worthless. I know my absence won't be felt by my father, and he probably won't even inform my sister. I hope she enjoys her marriage. "Why are you running away, Gabriella? You should have at least told Alpha Nicklaus that you are pregnant with his child," Leah said to me. "Leah, I'm glad to hear your voice. But there's no point in telling someone who rejected me. I don't see the need." "Do you know anyone who lives in the South?" I remained calm for a moment. I really don't have anyone, and my fate lies with the moon goddess; I believe she will protect me. "I don't need to know someone there, Leah. I have some funds with me, and I'll be able to get an apartment and feed myself," I explained to my wolf. "What if you run out of money? What will you do then? How will you take care of the unborn child?"
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