10. Dinner

Chapter Ten

Brielle Clarke


Living with Maxim Vasiliev was not as bad as I thought it would be. Asides the fact that I didn’t have much to do, it was way better than how I used to live.

There was no one to throw insults at me every day, no one to threaten to kill me, and definitely no one to stare me down with distasteful looks.

I had never been a girl for fashion but with all the clothes in my new closet and being idle, I had taken to trying as many outfits as possible to see how they would fit on me.

I tried to listen to Maxim and not wander about. There were a lot of men in the house, which meant whenever I stepped out of my room, I ran into a strange person. It discouraged me from going out and I was certain it pleased the Russian mafia boss.

However, I was more than bored today and I had gone through every outfit Marina and I went shopping for, which prompted me to leave my room.

I didn’t see much of Marina anyway. I didn’t see much of anybody.

Clad in a thick sweatshirt and
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